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Our bottles are an integrated part of the final medicine. That’s why we care that much about quality and reliability. Stoelzle manufactures soda lime Type III primary packaging glass for the pharmaceutical industry in flint, amber and green glass.

The product range includes standard products as dropper bottles, medicine and syrup bottles, injection vials and infusion bottles as well as tablet and ointment jars or wide mouth packers. A huge variety of customized products can be manufactured upon request. Volumes range from 3.5 ml up to 1000 ml bottles.

When it comes to non-prescriptive drugs, the focus on design, glass colour and diversification within the mass of competitive products has gained significant importance over the past years. Stoelzle offers a variety of cost convenient in-house decoration processes in order to increase the appeal of your product. Rely on us to distinguish your medicine by being fancy in addition to being healthy.

Glass production since 1805

  • Type III soda lime glass
  • Flint, amber, green moulded glass
  • 2 European production sites
  • Mutual back-up for amber glass
  • Clear focus on Pharma glass
  • Flexibility on specialties & small lots
  • GMP ISO 9001/15378
  • Clean condition according to ISO 8
  • In-house decoration processes
  • One-stop-shop for caps & closures
  • Certified child-resistant closures
Closures and Caps

Stoelzle is a true one-stop-shop! We let your ideas become reality as stunning packaging glass.
The most suitable closures and caps can be provided for every product.

Safety Aspect: Certified child-resistant closures are available upon request
for a wide range of pharmaceutical bottles.

Certified Quality

Amongst all glass producing companies worldwide, Stoelzle Glass Group is one of the few which adhere
to the international guidelines of ISO GMP 15378 and ISO 9001. Stoelzle is holding since 1991 an active Drug Master File
(DMF) at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of USA and since 2013 a Master File in Canada.

Stoelzle is safeguarding the drug quality by testing:
• the packaging chemical testing according to European, Japan and USA Pharmacopeia’s
• the microbiological and particle purity of the glass container
• the regulatory compliance (heavy metal content) of the glass container

The above is certified with customized certificates of analysis and conformity which are provided to the customers.
The quality management system is constantly being developed and improved in order to meet and surpass
the customer requirements as well as the international regulations and guidelines.

Laminar flow technique guarantees that pharmaceutical items are produced in a clean condition ISO 8 (Class 100 000).
Hence, syrup and dropper bottles as well as tablet jars are delivered ready to be used without any further cleaning being mandatory. This helps reducing costs and risks and make Stoelzle products the first choice worldwide.

GMP (ISO 15378)
ISO 9001
BRC/IoP Standards for food packaging
Quality Management
Sustainability for a successful future

Sustainability will lead the Stoelzle Glass Group successfully into the future.
Therefore, our corporate policy pursues economic, social and environmental goals in a balanced relationship.

Why our customers trust in Stoelzle

"Flexibility and trust are the essence of the professional customer service at Stoelzle. We appreciate these values as a long-standing partner of the packaging specialist."

Mag. Ingeborg Walsberger, Head of purchasing department G. L. Pharma GmbH

"We rely upon the excellent customer service from the Stoelzle team and their expert knowledge to rapidly resolving challenging issues!"

NADEJE from Czech Republic

Medical & Laboratory glass

Your partner for primary packaging in smaller batches and laboratory equipment: Medical & Laboratory Glass was established in the 1960s and became part of the Stoelzle Glass Group in 1980. We supply laboratories, hospitals, universities, industrial labs and research institutes with laboratory glassware, medical items and disposable consumables as well as the full range of soda lime Type III pharma glass bottles in flint and amber including closures.

Medical & Laboratory Glass relies on the cooperation of carefully selected partners and suppliers and can therefore offer best quality at attractive prices. We offer a broad product portfolio ranging from laboratory glassware to all types of consumables, such as microscope slides, cover glasses, embedding cassettes, swabs and provide our clients with comprehensive advice and tailored made solutions. Liquid handling, work safety, biotechnology, histology, pathology, microbiology and environmental analysis are a selection of the areas we are pleased to offer our clients.

In the field of primary packaging materials we act as manufacturer and distributor satisfying our clients’ demand for holistic solutions and are able to meet specific requirements. We strive to offer our clients a one-stop-shopping solution through our wide range of products including plastic accessories such as all types of closures. Additionally we act as exclusive representative in Austria for particle counters made by TSI Inc. and provide Museums worldwide with bespoke museum jars.

Use our Shop to get to know our product range.

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