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Launch of the new PharmaCos line


Stoelzle Pharma launches the PharmaCos packaging line for wellbeing and healthcare products at CPHI Barcelona

Stoelzle Pharma, one of the world's leading manufacturer of top-tier primary packaging glass, is excited to introduce their brand-new PharmaCos Line. This packaging line, specially designed for wellbeing and healthcare products, will be officially unveiled at the CPHI Barcelona event taking place from October 24th to 26th.


The PharmaCos line boasts a diverse range of glass jars, available in sizes ranging from 5ml to 500ml, all in amber with a screw neck design. Additionally, the collection includes flat-shoulder bottles in capacities ranging from 20ml to 150ml, offered in both amber and flint glass. These bottles are equipped with neck finishes of 22/400 GPI and 24/410 GPI to meet all specific needs.

PharmaCos stands out with its focus on the Nutra- and Cosmeceutical sectors, where sustainability is of paramount importance. With a remarkable 73% recycled content in amber glass and 38% in flint glass, coupled with the lightweight design of the bottles, the PharmaCos range is a sustainable choice for healthcare products. Notably, this new line is manufactured in a pharmaceutical-grade environment, adhering to the rigorous standards set by the pharmaceutical industry. All Stoelzle Pharma production sites are Pharma certified, ensuring the highest quality and compliance with industry regulations.

For added convenience, Stoelzle Pharma offers a wide array of caps and closures for the PharmaCos flat-shoulder bottles and cosmetic jars. The selection includes caps, cream or spray pumps, snap caps, flip tops, and pipettes. The Caps are available in various materials, including vegan options, wood, and child-resistant closures.


EcoSecur – a revolutionary inner-surface treatment of Type 2 glass

At the CPHI event, Stoelzle will also showcase EcoSecur, an innovative approach to inner-surface treatment of Type 2 injection and infusion vials used in both human and veterinary medicine. This groundbreaking technique employs a liquid treatment process that allows for reliable and precise dosing tailored to the size of each bottle, from 6ml vials to 500ml. The manufacturing process for type 2 glass surpasses existing technologies in terms of quality, process stability, and reliability, ensuring exceptional performance. Through the innovative EcoSecur process, Stoelzle has successfully reduced the use of chemical components by up to 50% while decreasing CO2 emissions by up to 80%. This significant reduction translates into a minimized environmental footprint.


A complete Glass Packaging Solution

As experts in glass packaging, Stoelzle offers a comprehensive one-stop-shop concept. This includes not only product development but also decoration. Stoelzle provides over 20 different in-house decoration techniques, including screen printing, spraying, acid etching, and environmentally conscious options like eco-friendly ink developed from recycled rubber waste.


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