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Cannabidiol (CBD)

In the last few years, the demand for cannabidiol products grew drastically. Both health and wellness industries have experienced an increased demand for CBD oils, tinctures or distillates.

CBD products are used to cure medical diseases.
Hand holding bottle of Cannabis oil in pipette
Rising market

The annual growth rate is expected to amount to 16.8% due to:

  • Positive effect CBD has on our health and well-being
  • Loosening of state regulations on CBD

cbd glass bottles with pipette

Market analysis

Many countries are setting supportive laws and regulations, bringing a vast amount of CBD products on sale. Furthermore, medical research in this field increases from day to day and brings to light more and more positive effects of CBD. According to Grand View Research’s analysis, the market size exceeded USD 5.18 Billion in 2021. The CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) from 2022 to 2030 is expected to amount to 16.8 %.

As the demand for CBD products is rising, so is the need for suitable packaging solutions, which need to adhere to strict health and quality standards. As one of the leading primary packaging producer, Stoelzle offers innovative production technologies and product development for pharmaceutical packaging.

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Reasons for the increasing market size of CBD products

Mostly responsible for the increasing demand in CBD products are the various medical application fields and positive effects the organic product has on our health and well-being. Cannabidiol products are used to cure medical diseases such as insomnia, anxiety, nausea, stress related illnesses, chronic as well as neurologic pain. CBD products for instance alleviate adverse reactions of chemotherapy and become alternatives for traditional drugs with strong negative side effects. In light of the incrementing number of cancer patients all over the world, CBD products are gaining more and more significance.

The second driver for the rapid market growth are state regulations. Especially in the CBD market, laws and edicts restricted the sale and hence, inhibited the expansion of the market. In the last years, however, more and more regions and countries have loosened the regulatory stance on CBD significantly, which increments the products’ utilization and its presence in retail stores and pharmacies.

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cbd oil drops in tea with herbs

The main segments of the CBD market

The CBD market can be segmented by source, product type, geographical region and by application fields.

The CBD market by source

CBD products derive either from hemp or marijuana. Due to the higher availability of marijuana both in Europe and North America, marijuana derivatives are slightly more relevant than hemp-derived products. Nevertheless, hemp products are becoming more and more popular in various regions and the demand is expected to rise as well in the near future.

The CBD market by product types

Today, CBD is available in myriad product types:

  • Oils
  • Tinctures
  • Suppositories
  • Transdermal patches
  • Isolates
  • Pills
  • Vape oils
  • Creams

Interestingly, CBD oil is expected to be the most dominant and popular product type on the global market.

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Group of CDB glass bottles
cbd oil using pipette

The CBD market by geographical area

From a geographical standpoint, the largest consumer of CBD products is North America, with 61.3% market share in 2020. Europe comes in second, followed by Latin America, Asia Pacific and lastly the regions of the Middle East and Africa. In general, the popularity of CBD products is expected to rise in the next years, especially in developed economies.

The CBD market by distributors and main target groups

The pharmaceutical sector is and will be the major consumer of cannabidiol products. However, CBD products play a vital role in the nutraceutical market and hence, the food and beverage sectors are also significant target groups. Interestingly, CBD is not only utilized by humans, but also within the veterinary medicine market in pet care. Additionally mentionable as an application field is the cosmeceutical market.

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Packaging solutions for CBD products

Drugs and health products are in need of inert packaging solutions. Furthermore, CBD products are natural based, have a delicate nature and, hence, tend to interact with the environment. Due to its many positive properties, glass is an ideal packaging material. Not only is glass a sustainable material, it also ensures stability of the filled item and acts as a natural barrier against the outside world.

As a leading glass packaging producer, Stoelzle offers a variety of glass containers ideal to store and conserve CBD products:

Dropper bottles / tincture bottles
Pill bottles
Wide mouth packers
Syrup bottles
Shaped bottles 
Medicine bottles 
Mini roller ball bottles
Glass bottles for CBD oils

Our product range includes amber glass containers, which, due to light-filtering properties, protect the cannabidiol products from oxidation. Moreover, since CBD products are highly sensible drugs, Stoelzle offers child resistant (CRC) pipette closures and caps, so that your offspring cannot open the glass vessel. In fact, Stoelzle’s one-stop-shop mentality allows customers to choose from a broad range of caps and closures made out of plastic and metal. A further advantage – vital for any health products – is that the various caps allow precise dosing.

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cbd glass packaging with pipettes and hemp leafs
Decorated cbd glass bottles

Impeccable service and decoration by Stoelzle

Stoelzle has three in-house decoration plants and, hence, is able to design and produce a customised packaging for CBD products according to customers’ wishes. Due to a wide range of decoration techniques and sustainable alternatives such as our metal free ceramic colour, your product line can be as distinct and attractive as possible.

Moreover, Stoelzle’s glass containers meet the guidelines of ‘Good Manufacturing Practices GMP’ (ISO 15378) – in other words, Stoelzle Pharma produces under the highest hygienic and glass quality control standards.

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