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Nutraceutical products comprise a broad spectrum of substances and food items providing medical or health benefits with the aim of prevention and treatment of disease, additionally to the nutritional values.

Nutraceutical Products

Product range

The product range includes vitamins, supplements, functional foods and beverages. Generally speaking, nutraceuticals are products enriched with additional ingredients and a higher proportion of vitamins. As nutraceuticals come in different forms and states, packaging solutions need to adapt and adhere to strict health and quality standards. As a leading primary packaging producer, Stoelzle is constantly challenging the status quo with innovative production technologies and product development.

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The rising market of nutraceuticals

In the last decade the global nutraceutical market has experienced a significant rise due to a higher educated and aged population, an increased awareness for a healthier and personalized diet as well as a rising number of diseases and higher stress levels.

As our societies’ eating habits are changing, the demand for nutraceuticals is constantly growing. The diet impacts our health and environment and is therefore an important aspect of the population and hence for the economy. As a response, the nutraceuticals market is expected to have an annual growth rate of 8.9 % from 2020 to 2028. Also from a monetary perspective, the market is quite attractive: In 2020 the market was valued at USD 378.30 billion and is expected to reach USD 417.66 billion by 2026.

Especially, the use of multivitamins is predicted to increase considerably, rooted in the consumers’ urge to boost their immune system. This trend has grown stronger during the COVID-19 pandemic and is expected to accompany us also in the near future. Further purchase incentives encompass the prevention and cure of digestive diseases, cognition and sleep disturbances and, of course, stress reduction.

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Nutraceuticals growth

Nutraceutical products’ market – driving forces

The significant market growth of nutraceuticals and their by-products in the next few years show opportunities for both the food industries and pharmaceutical industries, as well as the distribution channels such as drugstores or pharmacies. The increase in demand for nutraceuticals is attributed to these factors:

  • Rising geriatric population
  • Increasing number of diseases
  • Consumer awareness
  • Population’s high overall educational level
  • Preference for personalized nutrition
  • Mentality of disease prevention

In the past, the food industry ruled the nutraceutical market and is, therefore, predicted to take over a significant market share in the following years. Food items including functional sources such as vitamins, minerals, proteins, dietary fibers will be the most important products within the industry.

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What are typical nutraceuticals?

  • Snacks such as protein bars
  • Confectionery food items
  • Dairy products
  • Baby nutrition
  • Liquid shots
  • Energy drinks
  • Juices
  • Dietary supplements (vitamin and mineral supplements)
  • Tablets
  • Protein powder
  • Chewable items
  • Antioxidants
  • Probiotics
  • Polyunsaturated fatty acids

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Main markets for nutraceutical products

From a geographical point of view the nutraceutical market is segmented into Europe with Germany, the United Kingdom and France as strongest players, North America with the United States, Canada and Mexico as fierce competitors, the Asian-Pacific area led by China, Japan, India and Australia. Not to forget Brazil as an influential contestant in the South American market, South Africa as the most significant performer in the African continent and lastly the Middle East represented mostly by the United Arab Emirates.

In Europe, the considerable market share is strongly driven by anti-ageing products as a response to the steadily ageing population. Similarly, nutraceuticals are used to counteract health problems such as obesity, gut problems or cardiovascular illnesses. Furthermore, the consumption of bottled and enhanced water such as vitamin water is increasing significantly, especially in the sportive and active target group.

Significant target groups for nutraceutical products:

  • Elderly people
  • Millennials, conscious about health & wellbeing
  • People concerned with weight management
  • People on a vegan or vegetarian diet
  • People with an interest in alternative and natural health
  • Active and sportive people
  • People who want to improve and preserve their health (memory, immune system or other bodily functions).

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Packaging solutions for nutraceuticals

With the growing demand for nutraceutical and health products, the business development and the production of suitable packaging solutions is becoming equally vital. As nutraceuticals  are incrementally available not only as pills but inquired in powder or liquid form, packing containers need to adapt to the new delivery forms equally. Moreover, the delicate nature of nutraceuticals demands strict safety and protective standards from its packaging.


How does the packaging for nutraceuticals differ from other food items?

Nutraceuticals are often based on organic and natural ingredients and therefore highly prone to interact with their environment. Indeed, humidity, oxygen or light might alter the product and harm its medical properties. Hence, the first and most important aim of nutraceuticals’ primary packaging is to ensure stability.

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Glass as the ideal packaging material for nutraceuticals

Due to many positive properties, pharmaceutical glass is the leading healthy and sustainable packaging material for pharmaceutical-grade and standardized nutrients, functional food items and nutraceuticals.

In fact, glass protects consumer health more than any other packaging material does. Valuable vitamins and similar nutrients are being preserved due to the material’s natural barrier. Glass is inherent so that no substances migrate into the product – the nutraceutical remains stable within its glass container.

For sensible products such as CBD oils, Stoelzle offers child resistant glass packaging solutions and caps, so that the products cannot be opened by your offspring. Similarly, the closures enable you an exact dosing. Moreover, our amber glass container are the ideal packaging vessels for products with unique chemical compositions that need to be protected from oxidation. In fact, amber glass has light-filtering properties and is, so, the ideal barrier between the outside-environment and the delicate nutraceutical inside.

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Which glass containers are used for nutraceutical products?

As nutraceuticals can be inquired in pill-, liquid or powder-form, the shape of glass container packaging has to adapt correspondingly. According to Stoelzle’s expertise tracing back to its long history of primary packaging glass production, the following shapes are most in-demand for nutraceuticals:

The available product range includes the stated glass containers in different sizes. For instance, syrup bottles of 30 ml (approx. 1 oz) and 60 ml (approx. 2 oz) are widely used for healthy energy shots such as ginger or tumeric shots to boost the immune system. Stoelzle additionally offers aluminium caps in order to safely seal your bottle!

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Person is holding a glass bottle with green plants in it

The trend of sustainable materials in the packaging industry

The younger population is the largest consumer base for nutraceuticals and is looking for innovative as well as sustainable packaging. Due to its natural composition and complete recyclability, glass is an environmentally friendly packaging material and bears a strong marketing message for the end user.

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We make your glass packaging unique

The material glass not only protects its fill content from environmental influences but is easily formed into an outstanding product which conveys a marketing message to the consumers.

Due to our three in-house decoration plants, Stoelzle is able to conceptualize and produce a customized packaging for functional food and beverages according to your ideas. Due to a wide range of decoration techniques such as UV printing, spraying or frosting the product line can be distinct and attractive to (future) customers.

Stoelzle inherits a one-stop-shop mentality so that customers can choose from a broad range of caps and closures made out of plastic and metal, as well as secure child resistant solutions to match the glass bottles. Moreover, our products meet the guidelines of ‘Good Manufacturing Practices GMP’ (ISO 15378). Stoelzle Pharma produces under the highest hygienic and glass quality control standards.

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