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Miniature liquor bottles

We are a long-term glass expert specialised in the production of miniature bottles for liquor and alcohol in white flint, amber and green glass. The smallest mini spirit bottle currently produced is 20 ml with a lightweight of 25 grams. They are used as vodka miniatures, mini rum, gin bottles or for any other spirits filled in miniatures. Glass shows beverages at its best, tempting the eye before delighting one´s taste buds. High glass quality and state-of-the-art quality control technology ensure that flavours or ingredients, however delicate, are safely packed in glass packaging.


Filled mini liquor bottles in flint, amber and green glass colour

Global expert for premium alcohol miniatures

  • Long term experienced glass expert
  • Specialised in light weight mini liquor bottle productions (20ml with only 25g)
  • Reliable glass quality for high speed filling lines
  • Offering three main glass colours flint, amber and green
  • High environmental quality standards
  • Wide range of bespoke decoration possibilities and matching closures
  • Vast selection ranging from 20 ml to 50 ml

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Samples of mini liquor bottles

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