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Transparency along our whole value chain

Ethical Principles & Corporate Citizenship

Our business operates with integrity and transparency, following a robust code of conduct. We aim to create a respectful and inclusive organisation, promoting diversity and compliance. We use data-driven decision making to identify areas for improvement in line with the SDGs. With a learning organisation mindset, we continuously improve in terms of operational efficiency, product quality and sustainability.

We care about transparency along our whole value chain

Ethics & Compliance

Compliance Management covers internal regulations, legal monitoring, complaint management, employee training & communication.

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Corporate Citizenship

Fostering a culture of sustainability that promotes positive impact in local and global communities is our focus at Stoelzle.

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Managing the Supply chain

Building long-term partnerships with our suppliers is our strategy for creating a truly sustainable supply chain for all stakeholders.

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Ethics & Compliance

The Stoelzle Code of Conduct forms the basis of our compliance management system, which ensures compliance, responsible behaviour and adherence to the law throughout the company. The system includes internal regulations, legal monitoring, complaint handling, training and communication.

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Corporate Citizenship

We recognise the importance of supporting local and global communities. Our outreach programmes provide financial support, volunteering and other forms of support to local communities. At the same time, we are committed to contributing to global initiatives such as pandemic relief efforts and humanitarian aid.

  • Relief and Humanitarian Aid (Pandemic, …)
  • Environmental Initiatives (Stoelzle bees, Planting trees, …)
  • Social Initiatives (Open Days, Fundrasing Events, …)
  • Sport Sponsoring

Managing the Supply Chain

We conduct annual evaluations for existing suppliers and for the qualification of all new suppliers in the product categories of raw materials, packaging and decorative materials, moulds, service providers and energy suppliers. Given that we source from 3,150 (2022) suppliers worldwide, ethical and environmental principles are included in our supplier audits to ensure that all suppliers meet our required sustainability standards.

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SMETA Sedex Audits

The implementation of a regular ethical trade audit programme is key to maintaining high standards in working conditions, health and safety, the environment and business ethics. All our sites are audited regularly by independent third parties. The results and progress on areas for improvement are shared with our customers via the online SEDEX platform.

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