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Qualified processes and products


Quality and product safety are the most important prerequisites for Stoelzle. Therefore we have globally standardized and established an Integrated Quality Management System across all sites. This enables us to fulfill and surpass our customers’ quality expectations.

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We want you to profit from our global network of client advisers, specifically tailored production and small batch sizes. Benefit from our customer-specific logistics solutions and the rapid product availability.

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Visual showing the single components of Stoelzle quality sytem Visual showing the single components of Stoelzle quality sytem

Quality relies on 3 pillars

  • Our comprehensive quality control by state-of-the-art quality control systems and inspection machines.
  • Our integrated quality management system, which is globally standardized and established throughout all Stoelzle sites.
  • Our continuous improvement strategy, which relies on committed employees and numerous activities aimed to reach our goal of zero defects in all our processes.

Quality at Stoelzle

Quality control
Automated and manual quality controls start right in the Hot End section. After being cooled down slowly in the annealing lehr, all bottles pass a vast array of state-of-the-art inspection machines at the Cold End. Additional checks are done by our operators in regular intervals.

  • Process capability: Stoelzle commits themselves to the constant improvement of its process capability. Expert employees, as well as digitalisation and continuous improvement plans, shall support us in this endeavour.
  • State-of-the-art technology: Significant investments ensure that all sites are equipped with state-of-the-art inspection and production machines.
Multi camera bottle inspection at the Stoelzle Cold End section
Integrated quality management system
Quality processes are standardized across all Stoelzle plants in order to ensure that our products are manufactured in highest quality:

  • ISO 9001 (Quality Management) in all sites group-wide.
  • ISO 15378 (GMP) in the Austrian and Czech sites.
  • BRC GS (Food Packaging) in the Austrian and Polish (STC) sites.
Automated bottle inspection on the Hot End of Stoelzle production.
Continuous improvement
The Stoelzle team is highly qualified and always striving for improvement and increased quality and efficiency. We do not settle for average performance. On our way to constant improvement, we rely on various initiatives like:

  • Stoelzle ideas management: Our internal improvement process for Stoelzle employees.
  • CAPA: We implemented this structured method for solving problems and identifying causes.
  • Plan do check act (PDCA): A structured approach for dealing with problems, difficulties, changes, risks and opportunities.
  • Training & qualification of the employees: Group-wide, cross-factory advanced training promotes the competence and qualification of the employees.
  • Zero-error strategy: Our corporate culture, the employee attitude, and our standards all support error-free processes and products.
Continuous improvement can be acchieved by digitisation of processes

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Technical customer service

We support our customers before, during and after bottling. With proactive customer visits, we enable a smooth and hassle-free conversion to new items. We are also happy to provide you with technical support for on-site test bottling.

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