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Championing our people

Social & Society

Our commitment to ethical behaviour as well as promoting health and safety in the workplace, is essential for our employees and contributes to our overall success. We believe that a healthy working environment attracts and retains talent, resulting in better products and services. We are a reliable business partner that truly values people and is committed to protecting the climate.

We care about championing our people

Health & Safety Management

We believe that promoting occupational health and safety not only benefits our employees, but also contributes to the success of our business.

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People Development & Professional Learning

Fostering expertise, attracting talent and responding to changing workforce dynamics is our mission for people development at Stoelzle.

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Empowering Women in Technology

Stoelzle aims to train and retain female workers and is intensifying the recruitment of female apprentices in fields like machining, engineering, and mechatronics.

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Health & Safety Management

Due to our continually ongoing operations, running 24/7/365, we are constantly working to adjust our shift systems to improve the working conditions for our employees. A healthy and safe work environment helps us attract and retain talented individuals, which in turn leads to better quality products and services.

  • Occupational Safety Management
  • Workplace Safety Performance
  • Health Checks on regular basis

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People Development & Training

Employee development has always been a top priority at Stoelzle, and we recognise that it is more important than ever to invest in the skills of our people. Advances in automation and digitalisation have increased the demand for highly skilled workers, while the declining proportion of the younger generation makes it more difficult to attract young talent. To meet these challenges, we have implemented measures across the Group.

  • Leadership programmes
  • Talent Management and Succession Planning
  • Apprenticeship programmes
  • Webinar series Green knowledge – the Future of Industry
  • Innovation Talks

Empowering Women in Technology

The glass industry typically has a low proportion of female employees, particularly in manual work due to the physically demanding working conditions such as night shifts, heat and noise in production. The proportion of female blue collar workers has remained fairly stable at around 38%. Stoelzle is taking action by intensifying recruitment of female apprentices in areas such as machining, engineering and mechatronics to increase their representation.

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