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Help us put the brakes on environmental waste

Recycled ink

Old tyres have a new purpose with our new and exclusive recycled printing ink. At Stoelzle, we seek out sustainable methods wherever we can – that’s why we’re using recycled ink. We are proud to introduce a new, innovative and environmentally-friendly black printing ink developed exclusively for us, from rubber waste.

Eco-friendly ink

Our Innovation teams at Stoelzle have been working hard in collaboration with external experts to develop new, eco-friendly inks. Now, we are excited to launch our brand new, environmentally-friendly black printing ink, developed exclusively for us. The carbon black used in colour pigmentations derives from end-of-life tyres which now have a sustainable purpose. In addition to the environmental benefits gained from recycling, this ink has variety too! Available in dark black, as well as different shades of grey, this really is an exciting prospect for Stoelzle. All three decoration sites, in France, Poland and the UK, will now have recycled ink as an option.

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Recycled ink

sustainable manufacturing

Our new, exclusive recycled printing ink

The carbon black used in the colour pigmentations is derived from end-of-life tyres. This means our customers can now benefit from organic black printing ink while helping put the brakes on waste.

  • Recovered Carbon Black, which is the basis of the new ink is derived entirely from end-of-life tyres.
  • Printed bottles achieve a deep black silk-screen effect which is indistinguishable when compared to common black inks.
  • The recycled ink not only saves carbon, which is a precious raw material, but also helps to reduce rubber waste.

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