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Type 2 glass vials - EcoSecur

Stoelzle Pharma has developed a new process for inner surface treatment using liquid dosing. The new EcoSecur type 2 vials are convincing in terms of safety, process stability, quality and environment.

New process for inner surface treatment

Stoelzle Pharma reached another milestone by developing a new, safe and resource-efficient process for the inner surface treatment of type 2 glass vials. This innovative technique enables reliable and precise dosing tailored to each bottle size, from the smallest 6 ml vials to much bigger. With EcoSecur injection and infusion vials Stoelzle Pharma has reinvented type 2 glass for parenteral and non-parenteral applications.

Graphic illustration of a type 2 glass bottle with brand name Ecosecur

EcoSecur product range

  • Flint and amber* injection and infusion vials from 6 ml to 500 ml
  • Different neck finishes: BR 20, BR 28*, BR 29, BR 32
  • Adherence to all requirements of US and European Pharmacopoeias for type 2 glass
  • Already produced industrial samples
  • Industrial production to take place in Stoelzle´s pharma dedicated plant in Koeflach, Austria

*upon request

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Horizontal flint type 2 glass bottle

Your benefits

Icon showing the process stability

offers our highest product quality for smaller (starting with 6 ml) and bigger vials through automated, consistent and precise treatment solution dosing.

Icon showing the process quality

increased product safety through automated process controls and 100% treatment detection.

Icon showing the positive impact on the environment

achieved through precise and optimal dosage of ammonium sulfate – as much as necessary, as little as possible.

Icon showing the hydrolytic resistance

suitable for most acidic and neutral aqueous preparations.

Innovative process – liquid treatment

A new, innovative process enables reliable and precise dosing tailored to the size of the glass. In our process, fewer chemicals are used and there are no toxic substances. At the same time, we can guarantee the highest product quality and increased work safety through lower contamination during the production process as well as safe storage and handling of raw materials.

Graphic illustration of the type 2 production process

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