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Pharmaceutical Caps & Closures

As a comprehensive packaging supplier we offer bottles from Stoelzle and matching closures, for the perfect protection, precise dosage and easy handling of your products.

Fields of application

Overview of different closure systems for glass bottles Overview of different closure systems for glass bottles

Secure packaging solutions for pharmaceutical and well-being products

  • Bottles & closures from one source
  • Comprehensive advice
  • Carefully selected closure manufacturers as partners
  • Traceable and documented production chain

Caps & Closures

Similia homeopatic pellets dispenser
Pellets dispenser

Similia homeopatic

  • Convenient single-handed application
  • Individual dosing
  • Hygienic intake with the enclosed dosage cap
  • Refill protection (tamper evidence)
  • Suitable for standard GL18 dropper bottles (5 ml – 10 ml, Ø 24)
White screw cap with amber glass bottle
Screw caps

Screw top

  • For neck finish GL 18 (DIN 168) and PP 28 (DIN 6094)
  • Tamper evident closures TE1 (one part) and TE2 (two parts)
  • Child resistant closures (CRC) with or without liners
  • Closures with sealing inserts, cone insert, cone seal or foam insert
Amber glass bottle with dropper system
Dropper systems

Dosing system

  • For neck finish GL18
  • Dropper insert matched to the viscosity of the liquids. Suitable for aqueous, oily and alcoholic solutions
  • Horizontal/allround droppers: droplet volume can slightly vary. Holding angle of approx. 120°
  • Vertical dropper: precise droplet volume required. Holding angle 180°
  • Homeopathic pellet insert
  • Application: versatile e.g. pharma, aromatherapy and others
White dosing syringe with amber glass bottle
Dosing syringes

Dosing system

  • For neck finish GL18/PP28
  • With CE marking
  • For oral application
White measuring spoon with cup
Measuring spoons and cups

Dosing system

  • For neck finish GL18/PP28
  • With CE marking
  • For oral application
White crew cap inserts
Pourer and sprinkler

Dosing system

  • For neck finish GL18/PP28
  • With pouring spout or sprinkler
  • For precise and controlled pouring
Picture of a black and white lotus closure
Lotus Pourer

Dosing system

  • For neck finish PP28
  • Drop-free dosage
  • One-piece with double tamper evidence
  • Self-opening at high internal pressure
  • Applications: pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, cosmoceutical
Amber deo roll on with roll on closure
Roller-ball closures

Application aids

  • For neck finish GL18 or Roll on special
  • Roller-ball closures and fitments available with plastic, glass or stainless-steel roller balls
  • For application of liquids
White screw cap closure with spatula and brusha
Spatula & brushes

Application aids

  • For neck finish GL 18
  • Available in different lengths and colours
  • For general application or precise dosing of liquids
Black pipette assemblies with an amber dropper bottle
Pipette assemblies

Dosing system

  • For neck finish GL 18 and GPI
  • With or without tamper evident ring (TE1 or TE2)
  • With or without CRC (child resistant closures)
  • With or without graduation
  • Customized pipette lengths
  • Several teat material options
  • Different pipette tips (ball tip, conical tip etc …)
  • Suitable for dosing and applying liquids
Pump system atomizer with a flint and amber dropper bottle
Atomizers and dosing pumps

Pump system

  • For neck finish GL 18/PP28
  • Suitable for different applications:
  • Mouth and throat area
  • Nasal
  • Skin care
  • Hair care
  • Lotion application
GPI screw cap with 2 amber wide mouth packers
GPI screw caps

Screw caps

  • For neck finish GPI400
  • For wide mouth packers
  • With Induction Heat Sealed Liner (IHS)
  • With PS Liner
White snap on closure
Snap on & Jay to cap

Snap cap

  • For neck finish SNC
  • For tablet jars
  • Available with CRC (child resistant closures)
Picture showing silver alu caps and orange rubber stopper
Crimp cap & rubber stopper

Crimp tops

  • For neck finish BR20 and BR32
  • Elastomer closures and aluminium seals
  • Range of solutions for stoppers and standard caps
  • Application: Injection and Infusion vials

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