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Pharmaceutical primary glass packaging from Stoelzle is produced with sustainability and maximum safety in mind. We take our responsibility seriously. Our sustainable approach protects what matters: people and the environment.

Sustainability for us means

Protecting the environment

As a glass producer we are proud that glass is the perfect packaging material: 100% from natural materials, sustainable, infinitely recyclable without losing quality. Glass is inert – packaging made of glass protects both its content and the consumer.

We are committed to being environmentally friendly whilst producing innovative, safe and exciting products.

Leadership principles

Our employee-focused approach is driven by the leadership principles of the “5-Ts” (trust – transparency – target driven – teamwork – talent research). Ethical behaviour, both with our employees and with our business partners is our top priority.

Sustainable partner for our stakeholders

Our stakeholders and customers can trust Stoelzle as a reliable business partner demonstrating respect for nature and its employees.

Corporate management

The top management assumes responsibility for the effectiveness of the environmental management system and leads by good example.


Our environmental certification ISO 14001 and our energy certification ISO 50001 increase and improve the awareness of every individual. Thanks to ongoing training and further education, the topic becomes part of the daily work routine for all employees.


Both noise pollution as well as environmental pollution are reduced or avoided to the absolute best of our ability.

Hände halten eine Staubwolke
Ecovadis Gold Medaillie mit Wald im Hintergrund

Ecovadis – CSR-Ranking

Stoelzle has been awarded gold status by Ecovadis for a second time in a row. In 2022, we reached a score of 71 points (from 100), belonging to the top five percent of all companies assessed. This great result is based upon our group wide Energy Data Management System, the ISO 45001 certification, continuous ethical audits in all Stoelzle plants, and a clear strategy to achieve climate neutrality by 2050.


We actively provide ongoing information to our workforce regarding our environmental principles, thus creating a strong awareness for all aspects surrounding this issue. In particular, the training and ongoing education of our employees as well as health and safety take first priority here.

  • Introduction of a health and safety management system according to ISO 45001 at all locations by 2025
  • Introduction of group-wide guidelines for business ethics
  • ~38,000 training hours per year in the group

Research & Development team members stand in a group
Leere Palette im Lager


We select our partners and suppliers carefully and according to strict guidelines to guarantee a sustainable supply chain. This means that our values are also supported and reflected by our suppliers.

  • Transparent group-wide communication with the customer via SEDEX and ECOVADIS
  • Standardised supplier audits based on ecological and social criteria
  • Expansion of the business ethics to the entire supply chain by means of a code of conduct for suppliers

Sustainable projects

Hands holding a virtual graphic of a circuit
Circular economy
  • 3.2 billion bottles produced
  • ~ 131,000 tonnes of cullet used (thereof ~34,000 tonnes of PCR)
  • ~159,000 tonnes of raw materials saved
  • ~38,000 tonnes of CO2 saved (including transport/fuel emissions)
Exhaust-gas-heat-exchanger installed in our plant in Austria
Exhaust gas heat exchanger
  • Stoelzle Oberglas supplies around 18,000 MWh to the local district heating network
  • Savings of 4,300 tonnes CO2 each year (in comparison with gas heating)
Photovoltaic system installed on the roof of the Austria production site
Photovoltaic system
  • Installation of 5,888 photovoltaic panels on industrial roofs at the Koeflach location
  • Annual input of around 1,800 MWh of green energy to the local network
  • Annual input of 480 tonnes CO2
  • The peak performance is equivalent to 25% of the entire output at the Koeflach location
A person recycles a glass bottle in trash can of kitchen
Efficient use of resources
  • Stoelzle bottles are made of the durable material glass and form part of a recycling economy, since they can be recycled up to 100% and without a loss of quality
  • Over 50% of the entire Stoelzle industrial wast can be recycled
  • A group-wide introduction of the environmental management system based on ISO 14001 is planned by 2025
A person holds water in hands
Efficient use of water
  • The additional use of process water (STU) decreases the consumption of drinking water by 15,000 m3 per year
  • By cooling the process water on the roof, 15,000 m3 of waste water is not fed into the public sewage system
  • ~45.000 kWh electricity saved per year = 22,5 tonnes CO2
Flint bottles are decorated in our production
Sustainable decoration processes
  • By using an electrostatic disc and a special air flow device, 30%–40% of paint material is saved in the painting process.
  • The Quali Glass Coat 2.0 powder coating process achieves CO2 savings of 77% compared to conventional painting.
  • Exclusive use of paints free of heavy metals.
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