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EcoSecur: Interview with Antonia Karamat


EcoSecur: Revolutionising Type 2 Glass

Discover our exciting reinvention of Type 2 glass vials for both human and veterinary medicine. This groundbreaking technique utilizes a liquid treatment process that enables precise dosing customized to the size of each bottle. Our innovative technique offers numerous advantages, including enhanced process stability, superior glass quality, improved hydrolytic resistance and a reduced environmental footprint.

What makes EcoSecur truly unique? We have spoken with Antonia Karamat, Deputy Global Sales Director Pharma and Head of Stoelzle Medical to explore its unique features.
EcoSecur: Stoelzle's pioneering approach to Type 2 Pharma Glass inner-surface treatment

Antonia, what sets EcoSecur apart from existing methods?
EcoSecur represents a paradigm shift, introducing an innovative, resource-efficient, safe, and stable process specifically tailored for type 2 glass injection and infusion vials used in human and veterinary medicine. Type 2 glass, essentially type 3 soda-lime glass with a specialized inner-surface treatment, is specifically used for containers with liquid products that are characteristically acidic or alkali-neutral. Renowned for its robust chemical resistance, type 2 glass proves to be a cost-effective choice for applications where the heightened resistance of type 1 glass is not needed, eliminating the risk of corrosion or degradation.

Our groundbreaking technique utilises a liquid treatment process, allowing for precise dosing tailored to the size of each bottle.
Stoelzle's EcoSecur type 2 glass product line encompasses a diverse range of sizes, from 6ml to 500ml, and is available in both flint and amber glass options. Injection vials are equipped with a neck finish BR20, while infusion bottles feature either BR29 or BR32 neck finishes. Compliant with EU and US pharmacopeia, EcoSecur products guarantee the utmost safety for patients. Serving as a comprehensive solution provider, we offer a variety of high-quality aluminum seals and rubber stoppers, ensuring drug safety and security.

What are the benefits of this new type 2 glass?

  • Enhanced Process Stability
    Our state-of-the-art automated system ensures consistent and precise dosing of the treatment solution, resulting in the highest product quality for vials ranging from 6 ml to larger sizes.
  • Superior Glass Quality
    Leveraging automated process controls and 100% treatment detection, we can guarantee increased product safety, maintaining uncompromised quality standards.
  • Improved Hydrolytic Resistance
    EcoSecur has an improved resistance to hydrolysis, preventing the break down of chemical compounds in the presence of water. This feature safeguards the glass from reacting with or degrading the contents it contains.
  • Reduced Ecological Footprint
    Through Stoelzle's EcoSecur process, we have successfully reduced the use of chemical components by up to 50% while decreasing CO2 emissions by up to 80%. This significant reduction translates into a minimised environmental footprint. Furthermore, by using liquid ammonium sulfate, we have addressed safety concerns associated with chemical usage.

The Journey to EcoSecur: Development and Benefits

Wondering how Stoelzle developed this cutting-edge process and what benefits it brings? Here's a glimpse into the journey.
Antonia: Our first step was to analyse the different manufacturing processes available for type 2 glass. We aimed to enhance the inner coating process, making it consistent and repeatable. Our objective was to create a more environmentally friendly manufacturing process for type 2 glass compared to existing options.
By utilising a liquid treatment agent and an innovative process, we achieved reliable and precise dosing tailored to the glass size. This liquid-based approach also reduces the need for chemical materials, making the process safer.
Our manufacturing process for type 2 glass surpasses existing technologies on the market in terms of quality, process stability, and reliability, ensuring exceptional performance.

How do you ensure a continuous Quality Control throughout the production journey?
Maintaining quality control is paramount to Stoelzle's commitment to excellence. Here's how we ensure it at every step:

  • Process Automation: Introducing process automation and automated control during the industrialisation phase was crucial for success. This automation guarantees compliance with predetermined conditions at each stage of the process.
  • Automated Adjustments: Our system incorporates automatic adjustments and controls to ensure accurate treatment for every bottle. This comprehensive automation creates a controlled manufacturing environment with 100% oversight, utilising state-of-the-art inspection machines equipped with fibre optic and chamber inspection systems.

What differentiates Stoelzle as a packaging supplier?

What distinguishes Stoelzle and defines our unique selling proposition (USP) to customers is our unwavering commitment to comprehensive support throughout their journey. With a global presence, we collaborate closely with customers worldwide, guiding them through the entire process of implementing their primary packaging. Our extensive product portfolio, coupled with exceptional customer support and service, sets us apart.

Our competitive edge lies in pharmaceutical expertise and a profound understanding of the industry. We cater to the distinctive needs of our customers by delivering premium-quality and innovative Type II glass packaging that meets rigorous quality and regulatory standards. Leveraging our regulatory knowledge and providing thorough documentation, we simplify the registration processes for our customers.

In essence, we recognize that reliability, the highest quality standards, responsive support, and punctual delivery are paramount in the pharmaceutical industry. Stoelzle is not just a supplier; we are a partner dedicated to ensuring the success of our customers from the inception of their packaging needs.

Experience the Difference with EcoSecur

At Stoelzle, we're dedicated to pushing the boundaries of innovation in pharmaceutical packaging glass. EcoSecur represents our unwavering commitment to excellence, sustainability, and superior product performance.

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