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Interview about Caps & Closures


Stoelzle Pharma offers a comprehensive single-source solution for primary packaging needs. As a total packaging supplier, we support customers throughout the glass supply chain, from product development to industrial production, including in-house decoration and closure supply. Read the interview with our Pharma Caps & Closures expert Antonia Karamat to find out more about our One Stop Shop approach.

Could you please introduce yourself and tell us about your position within Stoelzle?

I've been a part of the Stoelzle team since 2013, initially starting as a Head of the Business Unit Medical before progressing to my current roles. Presently, I hold the position of Head of BU Medical and Deputy Global Sales Director of our Pharma division. In this role, I am also responsible for establishing our one-stop-shop approach, which includes everything related to Caps & Closures for Pharma & Healthcare packaging.

Why does Stoelzle see itself as an ‘all-in-one’ supplier of glass packaging solutions?

Stoelzle Pharma offers its customers a One-Stop solution – a complete, functional, and safe primary packaging solution from a single source. As a total packaging supplier, we work with our customers at every stage of the glass supply chain. From new product development to industrial production, in-house decoration, and the supply of matching closures, we ensure the seamless integration of all primary packaging components. What sets us apart from other distributors is our dedication to providing additional services related to caps and closures. These include protocols for assessing compatibility with specified neck finishes and/or inner diameters of bottles, conducting drop tests to determine suitable insert types for different viscosities of filling mediums, and even accompanying key customers on visits and audits to our closure manufacturers. In addition, our Stoelzle Quality Team conducts regular audits to ensure the quality of our manufacturing partners

What does the process of sourcing caps and closures through Stoelzle look like?

The process starts with understanding the unique requirements of the specific bottle and the product it will contain. We then evaluate the best-fitting closure solution, considering factors such as compatibility, functionality, and regulatory compliance. In addition, we offer value-added services, such as compatibility and drop testing, to ensure optimal performance of our closures.

How do you ensure that you remain at the forefront of the industry when it comes to Caps & Closures?

As well as offering a wide range of established caps and closures, we keep a close eye on market trends and technological advances and are always looking to introduce new developments to our customers. Notable examples include the Lotus cap for the PP28 neck finish, renowned for its ability to deliver 100% drop-free dosage, as well as a homeopathic pallet dispenser tailored for the GL18 neck finish.

What specific criteria are required for closures in the pharmaceutical industry?

Safety is paramount in the pharmaceutical sector when it comes to packaging decisions. Packaging solutions must meet strict hygiene standards and comply with specific laws and regulations.

The closures we provide our customers with have worldwide pharma and food contact conformity, all the necessary certificates (e.g DMF/FDA acknowledgment, ISO 8317 and US 16 CFR § 1700.20) and are produced under Good Manufacturing Practice conditions (GMP ISO 15378) and in some cases clean room environment. When it comes to the healthcare market, such as Nutraceuticals, CBD, Homeopathy or Essential Oils, certain requirements need to be met. Looking at CBD packaging, most of the THC-/CBD-based products require child-resistant (CR) packaging, preferably with tamper-evident functionality. CR closures are the types of closures that are difficult for children under the age of 5 to open without adult assistance, as they require two motions to open, making it difficult for a child to remove. The most common types are “Push Down & Turn” and “Squeeze Lock” closures.

Tell us more about Stoelzle's wide range of closures.

Our closure portfolio is both diverse and comprehensive, covering a wide range of applications and requirements. From pumps and pipettes to droppers and sprayers, we offer a variety of closure systems with different functionalities, including sealing, tamper-evidence, and child-resistance. What truly sets us apart is our ability to accommodate a wide range of neck finishes and closure types, offering our customers unparalleled versatility and ensuring that we meet their unique packaging needs with precision.

How do you ensure that sustainable practices are considered when it comes to caps & closures?

We are committed to minimising our environmental footprint while providing high quality packaging solutions. Working closely with our manufacturing partners, we are committed to introducing sustainable caps and closures for a range of applications, whilst maintaining the use of pharmagrade materials to ensure our products meet stringent pharmaceutical and food safety standards. Our carbon-free closure systems are designed to be recyclable, reducing waste, CO2 emissions and negative environmental impact. For our wellbeing products, where we do not necessarily need to use only pharmagrade materials, we can offer a wider range of sustainable closures such as wooden or vegan closures.

Can the caps & closures be customised?

Absolutely. We understand that every customer has unique requirements, which is why we offer customisation options for our closures. Whether it's specific colours, branding elements, or functional changes, we work closely with our customers to create bespoke solutions that meet their exact needs and specifications.

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