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Nero Vodka Set To Shake Up Spirits Industry With Brand New Luxury Sipping Vodka!

Nero Vodka set to shake up spirits industry with brand new luxury sipping vodka!

Today marks the launch of Nero Premium Vodka. This 100% British brand, have released a brand new sipping vodka out into the market. Made using premium ingredients, It is set to shake up the vodka scene. Nero Premium Vodka has a smooth velvety texture and less calories than a glass of wine or gin! Nero Premium Vodka is a gluten free premium spirit that has been through 27 taste tests, with a 100% result. But don’t take our word for it, go sip some for yourself!

This superior bottle, is made at Stölzle Flaconnage in Knottingley, West Yorkshire. Nero had a concept in mind when they approached us and we brought their concept to life.

The bottle was created to have a tall slender design, giving it an instant premium look.

The decorating process involves 8 colours over a 2 pass method. The bottles go through a high speed screen print, using a vision system base, this ensures the decoration is printed in the exact place required. It is then sprayed using thermos plastic ceramic prints.

Nero have designed this to be the first ever sipping vodka. It is made from 100% British potatoes with no added sweeteners or additives. The extra levels of sweetness from the potato starch in Nero’s scent is what sets it apart from the rest. For the purest tasting experience, the vodka should be chilled and form tears around the top of the glass.

Don’t worry this vodka isn’t just for sipping, it is also the perfect ingredient for some of the best cocktails. To find out more please head to

Nero Premium Vodka – Official Launch Date: September 2019



Source: STO Marketing

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