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Design Exhibition at Schloss Hollenegg Focuses on Glass

Artwork_Design exhibition Ash and Sand at Hollenegg

Schloss Hollenegg opens its doors to design and art! Since 2016, the Styrian castle Hollenegg has established itself as an exhibition venue for contemporary design. Alice Stori Liechtenstein has launched the project Schloss Hollenegg for Design, which offers a platform for young emerging designers to showcase their art.

This year, the exhibition at Schloss Hollenegg is dedicated to the theme Ashes & Sand, and focuses entirely on the material of glass. From May 6 to 28, 25 young designers will present their works, showcasing the versatility that glass can offer, from windows and tableware to decorative objects. The exhibition will also shed light on the history of glass production in the region around Hollenegg.

In addition to historical glass objects from the castle, the art works of the designers will be exhibited, showcasing the incredible diversity of glass, including its use, manufacturing techniques, and styles. The exhibited projects range from everyday objects to unique works of art, where glass is shaped, melted, blown, or 3D printed.

Supported by the Stoelzle Glass Group, the young designer Johanna Pichlbauer created a special highlight: an acoustically underlined installation made of green glass cullet in a cave. Additionally, the exhibition also features some exceptional spirit bottles from Stoelzle's production.

The exhibition is a unique experience and is open to visitors from May 6 to 28.

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