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Launch of the brand new Signature Collection


Stoelzle launches the Signature Collection: a Bespoke Line of Premium Spirits Bottles

Luxepack Monaco, Monte Carlo – As one of the world’s leading manufacturers in premium glass bottles for Spirits and Liquors, Stoelzle Glass Group is proud to introduce their brand new Signature Collection.

This remarkable collection, comprising 10 exclusively designed glass bottles, will be unveiled at Luxepack Monaco, from October 2nd to 4th. Each individual bottle is the result of a considered design process, incorporating character, charm and distinctive qualities that have the ability to create a symbolic identity for a range of different products.


We’ve been eagerly awaiting this moment to reveal our stunning new collection, and the time has finally arrived. We cordially invite you to join us at Luxepack Monaco, where we’ll be showcasing these exceptional new designs.

Dr. August Grupp, CEO of the Stoelzle Glass Group



The "Signature Collection" consists of three lines:

  1. The Eco Line: Rooted in the philosophy of ‘doing more with less’, this line draws inspiration from Japanese design and the craft movement. Embodying a classic aesthetic, the KYO, KOBEI, AZUR and YUMI bottles offer simplicity, purity and singularity of shapes.
  2. The Status Line: The unparalleled versatility and allure of NELSON, ICE, STERLING, LUX and COSMO make them the perfect match for any brand.
  3. The Heritage Line: A lightweight addition to the collection, the LUCA bottle, weighing only 850g, makes a bold statement of its own. This distinctive bottle is a testament to uniqueness and is tailor-made for super-premium and ultra-premium products, setting them apart from the competition.


A Comprehensive Solution for Glass Packaging

As glass experts, Stoelzle offers a comprehensive one-stop-shop concept. This includes not only innovative bottle design but also a wide range of decoration techniques. Additionally, Stoelzle assists customers in selecting the most suitable caps and closures for their specific products.

The launch of the Signature Collection signifies Stoelzle’s commitment to excellence, sustainability, and innovation in the world of premium spirits packaging. Visit us at Luxepack Monaco to experience firsthand the sophistication and craftsmanship of our bespoke glass bottles.

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