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Stoelzle successfully certified according to ISO 45001

Bird view of production plant Stoelzle Czestochowa Poland

For Stoelzle, their 3,100 employees are not only one of the three pillars in the company’s sustainability strategy, but they are definitely seen as the key to the company's success. Occupational safety and health protection are of essential importance for the glass manufacturer and have therefore also been firmly embedded in the corporate culture.

In recent years, significant measures and guidelines have been implemented throughout all branches of the Glass Group to ensure the safety of all employees and improve their health and well-being. The Polish production site Stoelzle Częstochowa became the first location of the Glass Group to receive certification in accordance with the international standard ISO 45001 for occupational health and safety.

“The certification of our largest European plant, which employs over 1,000 people both in production and decoration, is a milestone in the history of the Stoelzle Glass Group and an important step towards operational excellence, planned to be rolled out to all Stoelzle sites by 2025,”emphasizes Stoelzle CEO Georg Feith.

With the internationally recognized ISO 45001 certification, Stoelzle underlines its high standards of corporate social responsibility. For some time now, the focus at all of the Group's locations has been on significantly and sustainably reducing the risk of injuries, accidents and work-related illnesses in the workforce. As part of an integrated management system, HS site managers continuously evaluate situations and processes and take targeted measures to continuously improve occupational health and safety.

“The ISO 45001 standard, in particular, relates to what is part of the company's DNA - safety. Gaining this certification has definitely been a significant milestone in the history of our company. We have worked together over the last few years to achieve this certification and I would like to congratulate and thank our employees very much for the enormous effort and consistency put into obtaining it," confirms Artur Woloszyn, CEO of Stoelzle Częstochowa.

Source: STO

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