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Make your nutraceutical product stand out

Nutraceutical products

We’ve learnt through these last few turbulent years that first and foremost, we must focus on taking much better care of ourselves. Both mentally and physically, many of us have had a life lesson in how to optimise our health. One thing that has become increasingly popular is a group of supplementary health products referred to as Nutraceuticals; but what does this actually mean?

Simply put, Nutraceuticals are products that are derived from food sources with added health benefits that can help to boost nutrition. They are referred to in many different ways including: medical foods, designer foods, phytochemicals, functional foods and nutritional supplements. Their main aim is to help improve a person’s general well-being, stabilise symptoms and protect against chronic disease.

Nutraceuticals are available in many different forms, with people able to buy their chosen dietary supplement in the form of oral tablets, gummies, powders, probiotic drinks, healthy juices, snack bars and liquid shots; each one intended for a different use which can be aimed at people of varying ages - from babies and children through to older adults.

So when we’re browsing the vast range of Nutraceuticals on the shelves of our favourite health stores or supermarkets, what is it that attracts us enough so that we make our final choice? One of the biggest known buying factors when it comes to decision making is not just the amazing properties of a product, but its presentation. The way a product is presented to us tells us much about the quality of what we can expect to find inside.

In recent years, the demand for nutraceutical products has risen and is expected to continue growing at an average rate of around 8.9% per year. Experts believe this is down to a number of factors, including: an ageing population, changes to eating habits and a greater health awareness. With such a booming market opportunity and heavy competition, it's more important than ever for manufacturers to know that all the effort, energy, resource and investment they’ve spent formulating, producing and perfecting the most effective products isn’t going to fall short because a) the first impression isn’t absolutely on point, and b) that integrity of the product is going to be compromised due to how it’s contained.

So what does this mean for the nutraceuticals market?

As the need for Nutraceutical products grows, so does the need for suitable packaging solutions. Stoelzle is one of the world’s leading packaging manufacturers who provides many global companies and brands with unique packaging solutions.

Many Nutraceutical products come in liquid, powder or tablet form. Our vast experience and expert knowledge in this area tells us that glass is the ideal material to package these products, as it won’t migrate with the product inside. Glass will not transfer any taste or smell, and can also help to seal the bottle and protect the product from oxidation.

Finding the perfect bottle for your product is what Stoelzle does best. Our containers for Nutraceuticals are available in a range of shapes, including: dropper bottles, medicine bottles, syrup bottles, pill bottles and wide-mouth packers. The glass itself can be produced in a colour to suit the bottle’s purpose, whether you’d like it to remain clear to show off the vibrant nectar within, or in a classic amber-colour - which contains essential light-filtering properties. Each bottle can be made to your chosen specification, according to the type of product it will house, and the specific volume it needs to hold.

Once you’ve decided which bottle suits your product - and also looks the part - you can select an appropriate closure / cap. The type of closure needed will largely depend on the size and shape of the bottle, as well as the type of product it will contain. For example: a liquid nutraceutical may require a dropper to provide the correct dosage. Therefore the closure will need to have a rubber top and glass dropper attached to a secure screw-top cap. For other bottles we can provide child-proof caps, aluminium caps or plastic caps, as well as an additional small, measuring cup.

Super Vitamine

So you’ve chosen the bottle, the colour and the closure - what next?

This is where substance and style align. This is the perfect opportunity to reflect your brand values through well considered creativity that oozes confidence. Stoelzle will adorn your product bottle using modern techniques including spraying, UV printing or frosting.

Whatever your desires, we can deliver them! With a massive range of finishes available, from simple to sublime, we are sure to add a suitable sheen to your showpiece!

When you care about yourself, you also care about the world around you, and Stoelzle shares your concern. We’ve established that glass is the best material for packaging nutraceuticals, but it’s also environmentally friendly due to it being largely recyclable. Being a company that produces sustainable packaging is just as important to us as it is to you.

So, if you’re looking for a company whose experience can deliver nutraceutical packaging that’s stylish, practical and sustainable, look no further than Stoelzle.  

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