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Sustainable success


We are committed to the principle of sustainability and assume ecological, economic and social responsibility. In doing so, we ensure the conservation of our natural resources and protect what matters most: people & the environment.

Top view of glass jars filled with different green food products

Sustainable life

We are proud to produce sustainable packaging that preserves particularly valuable resources: our food, the environment and our health. Glass forms a complete barrier, preventing any loss of quality and taste. Glass is 100% natural; can be recycled infinitely and is environmentally friendly.

Sustainable actions

Responsible use of resources is just as important to us as sustainable production technologies. We understand how energy-intensive the production of glass is. We have therefore invested in measures to reduce and compensate for our ecological footprint across all locations. Our sustainability manager continually monitors and coordinates all activities across the group.

glass cullets in different colours
Handshake symbolic for good business relations

Sustainable business relations

Our commitment to sustainability does not stop with raw materials. We attach great importance to ethical behaviour both among our employees and in our cooperation with business partners.

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