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Our Employees
Our Employees

High values and the passion for the material of glass unite all Stoelzle employees and let them become the foundation of our success.

Fascinating World of Glass

The passion for glass unites employees from all plants and offices of the Stoelzle Group. It is alive in the daily work of our employees and runs down from top management to workers on the production lines. Our employee-focused approach is driven by the leadership principles of the “5 Ts”: trust, transparency, target driven, teamwork and talent research.

Code of Conduct

We are committed not only to building long-term client relationships, but also to offering our highly trained employees a culture of mutual respect, flexibility and great motivation. These strengths have secured us a leading role in the Pharma, Spirits, Perfumery & Cosmetics and Consumer markets.

Total Headcount

Award: Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (EPV)

Stoelzle Masnières was rewarded by the French state with the recognition of the label “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant” for excellence in the traditional and industrial know-how of the company.

Lean Management

A further focus is on providing training within Industry, the element of lean programs that provides training skills for supervisors and focuses on conducting on-the-job training for production and decoration staff. Therefore, the number of training hours per employee has grown considerably.

Girls, Girls, Girls …

One of the key points of the last few years was to encourage girls to move into technical apprenticeships. These efforts are already showing success.

Training Hours Undertaken by Employees

Share of Female Employees

The proportion of female employees in the glass industry is generally low. Our aim is to train and retain female workers at the company and offer them further development prospects. The proportion of female workers in the Stoelzle Glass Group is approximately 36 %.


  • Lifelong learning regardless of origin, religion, age or gender
  • Zero Accident Strategy – every accident is avoidable

Stoelzle APP

In 2019, Stoelzle introduced its own company app. It shall promote internal communication in relation to company-relevant topics and areas. The significant advantage of the app is the fast availability of its content for all employees. Native language versions have been implemented also at the plants in Poland, France and the Czech Republic.

Leadership Principles “5 Ts”

The ultimate aim of the Stoelzle Glass Group is to retain employees at the company long-term as a business vision characterized by the 5 T‘s:

Success stories for female careers at Stoelzle Glass Group

Michaela graduated from the University of Chemistry in Prague, Faculty of Food Technology. She has been working as Quality Manager for STOELZLE UNION since November 2014. She is responsible for the management of the quality system and for good manufacturing practice – this covers system changes, the qualification of devices, products and processes. She also assures audits and applies CAPA plans to audit findings and to non-conforming products, risk analysis and the training of employees. Furthermore Michaela’s responsibilities include complaint management, customer service and the management of the chemical and microbiological laboratory. She is appreciative of the varied workload, daily contact with people of different professions and communication with them that her current position offers.

Dipl. Ing. Michaela L., Stoelzle Union

Kamila started with STOELZLE CZĘSTOCHOWA in 2011, having been employed through an external service company. At that time she was responsible for sorting glass products and also for quality checking. The following year she was recognized by her shift manager as an outstanding employee, and received her job contract at Stoelzle Częstochowa as a Process Controller. Based on her engagement and strong professional attitude, she was promoted to Process Control Coordinator in 2014. At that time she also finished her engineering studies. Kamila currently supports the Process Control department on Glass Production and successfully leads 28 process controllers. She coordinates new implementations and changes on production lines, working closely with the Quality Control department.

Kamila B., Stoelzle Częstochowa

Olga graduated from the West Pomeranian University of Technology Szczecin in 2016, earning a Master’s degree in Chemical Technology. She started working in the melting department of STOELZLE WYMIARKI in February 2018. In March 2019, Olga became the Batch House & Furnace Manager. Her duties include supervision of the batch quality, the definition of furnace parameters, the supervision of prepared glass sets, keeping records of the furnace, control and analysis of the operation of the glass furnace and updating the chemical composition of the glass.

Olga N., Stoelzle Wymiarki

After attending the technical school for agriculture and food, Lydia did not have to think about it for long: like her father and grandfather she wanted to work at STOELZLE OBERGLAS. She started at the age of 19 in the mould workshop, where she prepared the moulds for production. In the summer of 2019, she switched to the hot end and started her 2-year training period to become a machine operator. This job, which is rather untypical for women, is physically very challenging. Lydia has always been technically interested and wanted to work physically. Lydia’s tasks include monitoring the production machine, troubleshooting, and checking bottles and weight. In her leisure time Lydia also works for the company’s fire department.

Lydia H., Stoelzle Oberglas

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