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Our Business Partners
Our Business Partners

Being a sustainable partner for our stakeholders

In order to be able to work together with stakeholders, along our value chain, one has to conduct a dialogue first. Dialogue means respecting stakeholders’ opinions, bringing in expertise and competence and learning from the partners’ point of view. Stakeholder dialogue at Stoelzle includes numerous yearly personal discussions, interviews, surveys, clarifications, joint product developments, web platforms, regular media contacts, trade fairs and conferences as well as audits with our clients and suppliers.

Compliance with all standards and regulations

We conduct our business in compliance with all statutory norms and regulations in the markets in which we operate. By observing the local customs that exist in each respective country, we guarantee the highest degree of integrity. Fair and competitive conduct is of central importance to us. Our Code of Conduct and Suppliers Code of Conduct have been firmly integrated in our daily business and corporate culture.

Suspected irregularities can be reported by any person interested in the Stoelzle Glass Group via This enables a confidential dialogue between the whistleblower and the whistleblower’s representative. Each report is carefully checked for its factual content. If there are reasonable grounds for suspicion, further measures are initiated.

Value Chain

Transparent communication of sustainable progress by CSR platforms (EcoVadis, SEDEX)

2019 > 3,000 suppliers in the Stoelzle Glass Group

Supplier Code of Conduct

This Code outlines expectations for our supplier conduct regarding safety, health, labour and human rights, environmental protection, ethics, and management practices.

Download Supplier Code of Conduct

“We ensure the transparency within the supply chain by standardized supplier audits based on ecological and social criteria”

The New Code of Conduct encompasses the following principles:

  • Compliance with regulations
  • Respect for human rights
  • General business practices and integrity
  • Internal collaboration
  • Social responsibility

Regional allocation of suppliers
> 90 % within Europe


cases of corruption


cases of unfair competition


sites in 2019 with ethical SMETA audits

Stoelzle Core Values

  • Trust & Reliability
  • Flexibility & Engagement
  • Fairness & Loyalty

“Our customers are at the center of all our decisions – Customer satisfaction is of the highest priority”

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