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Our sustainable way
Our sustainable way

We protect what matters – People & Environment

Our guiding principles derive from the inherent properties of glass, which for us is the ideal packaging material: by adding cullet to our batch, we use raw materials efficiently and avoid waste. In addition, the everyday product packaging glass is true part of the circular economy. Glass can be recycled infinite times without loss of quality. At the same time, glass is an inert, pure and 100% natural material, and hence the best choice for all consumers seeking a healthy lifestyle.

As all industries, also glass manufacturing has an impact on nature and environment. We take responsibility for this impact and strive to minimize it wherever possible. Following our Vision of Excellence through zero work accidents, zero waste of resources, zero delay in deliveries, and zero quality claims, we will reach our long-term goals and remain the first choice partner for our employees and customers.

The Global Goals for Sustainable Development

In 2019, Stoelzle analysed 17 development goals with their regard to the importance of our business activities. We are confident, that we can make a significant contribution to further developing many of these areas in a positive way.

Sustainability Report

Right now, the Stoelzle Glass Group is pleased to present its second sustainability report, which underscores our actions and sense of responsibility with respect to resources and the environment. It also reflects our social commitment towards our employees and business partners.

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