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Environmental Protection
Social Responsibility
Sustainability for a successful future

Over the last few years, the Stoelzle Glass Group has been growing steadily. Linked with this growth and expansion of production capacity, Stoelzle has invested heavily in the field of environmental protection. Today, we can be proud not only of meeting our legal obligations, but also of making a significant contribution to the environment as a result of our ongoing improvements and innovations. Our medium term targets for 2020 and beyond continue to pursue this strategy.

From the inert raw material of glass, we develop, manufacture and market high-quality packaging for the pharmaceutical, food, spirits and cosmetics industries. Thanks to its unlimited recyclability, only glass can claim the capacity to go back into the production process over and over again; to be reused endlessly without compromising on quality, flavour-neutrality or functional safety. This fundamental unique selling point with regard to longevity will be a key aspect in our Group‘s sustainability strategy in the future.


Produced bottles
within a year


Tonnes of raw materials saved through reuse of cullet


Tonnes of cullet approxi-
mately reused within a year


Tonnes of CO2 emissions saved through reuse of cullet

Environmental Sustainability*


+0,7 %
Energy efficiency increased


-3 % 
Energy consumption decreased


-20 % 
NOx emissions reduced


-1,5 % 
CO2 emissions reduced


-3 %
Water emissions reduced


100 %
Heavy metal content in glass is compliant with legal requirements

Social Sustainability*


+15 %
female employees


3,7 %
Stable absentee quote


+50 %
Training hours per employee

Economic Sustainability*


In­cidents on corruption


Fines or sanctions


Share of supplier audits with CSR aspects

*Period 2015/2016

Sustainability Report 2016

The Stoelzle Glass Group is pleased to present its first sustainability report. This report underscores our actions and sense of responsibility with respect to resources and the environment, and reflects our social commitment towards our employees and business partners.

Download Executive Summary
Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

Sustainability will lead the Stoelzle Glass Group successfully into the future. Therefore, our corporate policy pursues economic, social and environmental goals in a balanced relationship.

As a manufacturer of environmentally friendly glass containers, it is an important part of the corporate policy to admit to the basic elements of the ISO 14001 and to implement the requirements.

We commit ourselves to a careful and conscious handling of the environment and commit ourselves to the observance of all relevant laws, regulations and governmental obligations, as well as the ongoing minimization of the negative environmental impacts.

With implementing environmental management systems, new technologies and use of alternative energy sources, we practice an efficient and careful as possible way to deal with the environment and all natural resources.

Downloads of certificates and policies

The Stoelzle Glass Group operates manufacturing sites and Sales Offices globally. It is a Management commitment to consider international standards like ISO 26000, the UN Global Compact’s Sustainable Development Goals and the ILO Fundamental Conventions in their business and management systems. We take social responsibility on relations with all stakeholders. This applies in particular to our employees, but also to suppliers and service providers as well as clients.

Download of certificates and policies

Responsible action is the focus of Stoelzle Glass Group corporate culture. The Code of Conduct of Stoelzle provides the basis for ethical and legal behavior (compliance) for all employees. The main focus is on the protection of free competition (anti-trust), the prevention of corruption and respect for human rights.

Download of certificates and policies

STO supports „Friends of Glass“

The European Federation of Container Glass Industry (FEVE) is an international non-profit organisation with its members spread over 23 European countries. Representing internationally the container glass industry, FEVE commits itself in finding solutions for various glass related problems and promotes the usage of glass packaging as well as the recycling of glass.

The initiative “friends of glass” aims to promote the advantages for health and environment related to usage and recycling of glass.

Using glass can make your life better and transform the world in a better place to live in. Your decision counts. Join us and become a Friend of glass.


Austria Glass Recycling

Sustainability since more than 3 decades. In Austria glass bottles have been collected since the 1970’s. More than 17 thousand millions of packing glass containers are used in glassworks as cullet to belt melted and turned again into new wine bottles, flacons, preserving jars or medicine bottle. AGR thrives to increase the amount of recycled glass every year and takes care about every kind of disposed glass packaging – with huge expertise, true engagement, a clearly defined sustainability management and a firm network of partner companies and stake holders.

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