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The sustainable way of purchasing
Sustainable Sourcing

The Stoelzle Glass Group counts on a long-term, mutually profitable cooperation with all its suppliers. This in fact is preliminary for any successful cooperation based on the specific core competence of every single supplier. Stoelzle’s several procurement departments, which are actually spread all over Europe, are looking constantly for extraordinary suppliers able to contribute efficiently to the Group’s toughest aim, to improve customers’ satisfaction.

Competition is the most important thing behind all purchasing activities of Stoelzle Group. Provided their expert knowledge, efficiency and reliability all suppliers are given equal opportunities. When it comes to cost calculations, the most important thing for Stoelzle is the transparency of the suppliers’ price formation.

Stoelzle wants to act according to ecological, economical and socially responsible processes within the bounds of possibility. This guideline for sustainable sourcing is valid for all business partners, which supply materials for the manufacture and refinement of glass containers, provide services, or manufacture, rework or decorate products for Stoelzle.

Download of the guidelines

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