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Stoelzle Glass Group

Our Vision

Our aim is to be the first choice partner for both our customers and our employees, through establishing a culture of reciprocal trust and by striving for first class performance, flexibility and reliability.

This will earn and enable us to sustain a leading role in the PHARMA, SPIRITS, PERFUMERY & COSMETICS, and CONSUMER markets.

The expert in high-end packaging glass

  • More than 200 years of experience in the production of glass
  • 6 production sites in Austria, Great Britain, France, Czech Republic and Poland
  • 3 decoration sites in Great Britain, France and Poland
  • 2800 employees worldwide
  • 3.1 billion glass containers produced per year
  • Europe’s only manufacturer of packaging glass aimed at Pharma, Perfumery & Cosmetics, Spirits as well as Tableware markets
  • One-stop-shop for development, production, decoration and closures

DI Georg Feith, MBA

CEO Stoelzle Glass Group

Mag. Wendelin Wonesch

CFO Stoelzle Glass Group

DI(FH) Alexander Stern

CSCO Stoelzle Glass Group &
Head of Pharma Business Unit
Firmly embedded in the CAG holding

Stoelzle regards itself as well-equipped for both the present and the future. The firm integration within the CAG-Holding creates key synergies with Stoelzle’s partner companies. Since the end of the 1980’s, 100% of Stoelzle’s shares were held by CAG which, in turn, is completely owned by the industrialist, Dr. Cornelius Alexander Grupp. Within the CAG-Holding all affiliated companies offer bespoke solutions and all-round competence in processing a whole series of modern materials. They specialise in the production of aluminium, viscose, plastics, and glass and manufacture products such as aerosol cans, anti-friction bearings, plastic tubes, aluminium roofs and chassis parts for the automotive industry.

Art, Culture & Society

Stoelzle Glass Centre Bärnbach & Glass Museum

Every year the Association “Steirisches Glaskunstzentrum” and Stoelzle Oberglas present a special exhibition on glass in the Stoelzle Glass Centre Bärnbach. The glass museum is situated in the stylish Glass Centre which was designed by the renowned architect Prof. DI. Klaus Kada in 1988 – in occasion of the national Styrian exhibiton „Glass & Coal“. Besides the museum, the building hosts a well sorted Glass shop.

Kunstfabrik Lipizzanerheimat & Stoelzle Gallery

Stoelzle Oberglas supports the Association “Kunstfabrik Lipizzanerheimat” which was founded in 2011 and resides in the premises of the former glass production site. These facilities are currently used by national and international artists for workshops and trainings and have so become the new artistic and cultural focus of the west Styrian region for a wide range of art genres. Art works are shown regularly in the new Stoelzle Gallery.

Hotel Alexander – from a civil palace to a hotel

Hotel Alexander was originally a town house, which was built when the town of Stříbro was founded in the mid of 13th century. Since the foundation of the town of Stříbro, the building has become one of the most significant buildings. The beautiful facade and the unique location, directly on the historic marketplace, reveal something about the rich history of the town of Stříbro and the building itself. In the nineties of the 20th century, the hotel was acquired by the Stoelzle Glass Group. Since then it has been meticulously restored and adapted to the needs of a modern hotel and it has regained its fame as one of the most remarkable buildings on the square in Stříbro.

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