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Agency Silver Award: Becherovka

Award winning bottles Becherovka

Becherovka Premium Spirits bottle wins Agency Silver Award for its great design.

„Becherovka Unfiltered” recently won a prestigious silver award in the category “Agency” from the World Brand Design Society for its bottle design.

Becherovka unfiltered is a new taste slightly more pronounced taste of herbs For the new taste, the shape of the iconic flat Becherovka bottle has generally been preserved, whilst further design features such as the amber glass, the illustrated label or also the remark ”small batch” have been added to convey perfectly the liqueurs characteristics.

The bottle design, which gained international recognition in this year’s World Brand Design Awards, was created by Aliaksandr Sharavarau from Cocoon Prague. The designer’s challenge was to create an elegant Premium bottle, which could tell a unique story and should appeal both traditional Becherovka consumers and, also the younger generation who like to try new tastes.

The 0.5 litre Premium amber Spirits bottle has been manufactured by Stoelzle Union, the Czech Stoelzle plant, situated in Hermanova Hut. The Becherovka range also comprises three 50ml miniatures, provided in amber, flint and green glass by Stoelzle.

For more details please visit the World Brand Design Society Website: WBD Awards

Source: STO Marketing

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