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Stoelzle has focused on producing premium containers for the worldwide P&C glass business market. Our focus is set on a consistent service, utmost high flexibility and the uncompromising support in developing the most suitable glass packaging for specific demands.

Tailor-made designs, uncompromising quality, flexible & excellent service, short time to market.

Glass production since 1805

  • Luxurious perfume flacons
  • Fancy cosmetic containers
  • Miniatures
  • Tailor-made design in more than 80% of all orders
  • Brilliant cosmetic flint glass
  • Unlimited range of feeder colours
  • IPET treatment for utmost shiny surfaces
  • High flexibility what regards design and execution
Customized products

When it comes to P&C the Stoelzle Glass Group thrives to develop a customized design in more than 80% of all products. Every item bears a unique message which is reflected by the product’s design. According to customers specifications, a concept is assessed, the design interpreted, and production made a reality, with technical solutions found for even the most idealistic and demanding of designs.

Time is money – Product development has to be completed to the agreed time frame and in the shortest time possible to give the speed to market which is so important in an age when design and fashion trends change so quickly. Stoelzle gives primary importance to achieving the required quality to ensure customer satisfaction and product success.

Up to 300 product developments per year

Due to the optimized integration of state-of-the-art technology and equipment,
with regards to both glass production and decoration, Stoelzle guarantees a 4-6 weeks’ development
time from the drawing to the actual decorated glass samples.

Huge know-how allows to offer the most cost effective item for all individual customers’ needs:
Stoelzle supplies the requested quality at a reasonable price level.

Standard range

Alongside the custom design projects, Stoelzle offers a range of standard items for the Perfumery and Cosmetics markets which can swiftly be delivered on call from stock.

PRIVATE COLLECTION sets steps in terms of Luxury Perfumery

Created by a team of designers, a fine range of very appealing flacons for the high end perfumery and cosmetic market, “Private Collection” will now be available upon short notice. Clear shapes, brilliant glass and perfect technical execution turn the new Stoelzle standard bottles into valuable alternatives to cost intensive customized flacons.


Innovative decoration processes for stunning product branding

Stoelzle takes advantage of three in-house decoration facilities in England, France and Poland. In addition to traditional decoration techniques as there are Screen printing and decals, Stoelzle offers some modern and indeed innovative processes as well:
Inkjet printing, hot foil stamping or spraying with special colours which are creating stunning effects.

Stoelzle transforms unique ideas into glass reality in order to create stunning products. We will not limit your creativity!

Internationally awarded products
Caps and closures

Stoelzle is a true one-stop-shop! We let your ideas become reality as stunning packaging glass.
Compatible closures and caps can be provided for every product.

Sustainability for a successful future

Sustainability will lead the Stoelzle Glass Group successfully into the future.
Therefore, our corporate policy pursues economic, social and environmental goals in a balanced relationship.

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