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The material glass

Special design

Glass is a living and fascinating material. The manufacture for luxury perfumery and cosmetics products requires excellent know-how. Our product development team looks back on years of experience in design and technical execution. We constantly accept the challenge to push boundaries with every new project.

Customized perfume bottle of Irresistible by Givenchy

L’Irrésistible – Givenchy

The House of Givenchy entrusted Stoelzle Masnières Parfumerie with the creation of this new bottle, whose prisms, dear to Hubert de Givenchy, play on the dewy hue of this magnificent fragrance with nuance and transparency. Both square and rounded at the corners, the sensual shape of this bottle is of great elegance. The technical challenge was to create a special mold so that a metal plate could be inserted on the shoulder of the bottle, allowing the angles of the facets to be sublimated. And it took all the know-how of the Stoelzle teams to achieve this beautiful distribution of glass without any visual disturbance. A very couture touch for this modern and ultra-feminine case.

Mademoiselle Rochas in Black

In close collaboration with Interparfums we produced the magnificent bottle “Mademoiselle Rochas” in 2017. It was essential for the brand that the fine ribs at regular intervals all around the bottle reflect the haute couture details of the French House. In addition, the bottle also had to offer absolutely flat surfaces on both sides in order to perfectly position the label. Then the bottle was declined in 2019 for Mademoiselle Rochas Couture.

By perfectly respecting Interparfums’ wishes, we were able to create a bottle of excellence, technically demanding, in total harmony with the image of a brand that is emblematic of French heritage.

Customized perfume bottle of Mademoiselle Rochas
Customized perfume bottle of Caron Aimez-moi comme je suis

Parfums Caron – Aimez-moi comme je suis

The Stoelzle Masnières Parfumerie teams put all their technical know-how into the creation of this beautiful bottle. A very structured bottle with curved sides required a very technical design of the tooling and a very good mastery of the process in order to obtain the right distribution at the level of the columns and the shoulder.

In addition, the small screw ring for a high glass weight was another challenge. Indeed, Parfums Caron’s environmental charter required easy separation of the pump from the bottle during disposal. Finally, a particularly delicate check had to be performed to verify the flatness of the window for the plate housing. Another fine detail was a discreet parting line.

Close collaboration with the teams at Parfums CARON made it possible to produce these very beautiful bottles in the pure tradition of French haute perfumery.

Angels’ Share – Kilian

Angels’ Share was concocted in collaboration with perfumer Benoist Lapouza to create a rare atypical fragrance that needed an atypical bottle.

The brand entrusted Stoelzle Masnières Parfumerie with the creation of these very beautiful bottles that are instantly addictive to the touch. A thick glass, engraved with the emblematic K motif, reflecting light from every angle! Trompe l’oeil objects, reminiscent of cocktail glasses in Art Deco bars … The great complexity of the design of this bottle required a real technical feat from the Stoelzle team. For this major launch, several challenges were successfully met:

  • a facetted bottle, very rich in glass, carried by a very small screw ring
  • a very regular distribution at the base and shoulder despite very pronounced intaglio engraving
  • the creation of a very specific mould, requiring a demoulding in several parts
  • perfect dimensional control to allow a good positioning and gluing of the plate

Customized perfume bottle of Angel's share by Kilian
Customized perfume bottle of Coach dreams perfume

Coach – Dreams

A very beautiful design inspired by the vintage universe of far-west apothecaries. The curve of the bottle is reminiscent of a pretty flask. The base is made of a beautiful glass ring that supports a thick glass sole. A dedicated space holds the white label on which stands the logo and the emblematic signature of the horses and the carriage.

Perfume gun collection – Frederic Malle

In terms of innovation, Stoelzle Masnières Parfumerie is doubly proud. On the one hand of its first collaboration with the teams of Editions de Parfums Frédéric Malle, and on the other hand of the development of the first bottle treated with the “Quali Glass Coat 2.0” powder coating technique. Applied to amber bottles, more commonly used in the pharmaceutical industry, the 40-micron powder coating provides a perfectly smooth, flawless surface with a beautiful, top-of-the-range matt finish.

Customized perfume bottle of Frederic Malle Perfume Gun

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