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Designed and built for your customers´ convenience

  • The three notches assure an easy attachment and removal of the cup’s lid,
  • The amplitude has been calculated to avoid constraining the wrist when refilling the cup.
  • The elevated height of the jar allows for a better grip.
  • The clever design allows the plastic cup to remain in the lid when it’s unscrewed.
  • The jar incorporates a specific neck that allows effortless removal and refilling of a cup.

Your Benefits

    Our products are exclusively designed and built according to their intended use.
  • SUPERIOR GLASS QUALITY The quality of the glass we use ensures your product reaches the customer in excellent condition.
    Our products, processes and systems are both sustainable and eco-friendly.
    Our refillable jars can hold a wide range of products, and be used up an infinite number of times.

Lightweight and easy to use

These two companies have come together to create a simple and intuitive assembly system for a new refillable jar. The unique design is seamless with no visible injection point, and boasts thick walls to protect the product inside. It’s easy to use, entirely recyclable and the weight of the glass jar has been reduced as much as possible to minimise CO2 emissions. The cap is very secure and the cup can be removed and replaced with ease, even through multiple use.


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A system that reduced your carbon footprint

Due to the materials being 100% PP and organic, this innovative product has earned ECOCERT status – a European organisation that inspects and certifies organic agricultural products.

During our manufacturing processes there are a certain amount of CO2 emissions that are released. However, we are an environmentally-friendly company that continues to lower the amount of emissions we produce. Our refillable jars are designed especially for multiple use. Your customer can feel assured that after the second refill, they will have already compensated for the CO2 emissions emitted during the production of the glass jar.

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