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In recent years decoration has become increasingly important, particularly in the Perfumery & Cosmetics sector. To make their glass bottles and containers stand out from the mass of products available on the market, more and more customers are turning to sophisticated decoration techniques and commissioning exclusive ranges at the top end of the market. Stoelzle Masnières Parfumerie is also constantly developing various new kinds of sustainable decoration.

Decorated perfume bottle
Tradition meets innovation
Three in-house decoration sites

  • Stoelzle Częstochowa (Poland)
  • Stoelzle Flaconnage (England)
  • Stoelzle Masnières Decoration (France)

Two decorated perfume bottles in wood optic

Decoration techniques

Perfume bottles decorated with carbon spray
Carbon spray
Spraying is a widely used decoration technique that can produce a variety of results. Carbon spraying is a variation of the effect coating and gives the glass a unique carbon look.
Perfume bottles decorated with digital print
Digital print
Decoration as such has gained variety throughout the Digital Age. Digital printers enable us to transfer unlimited, photorealistic artworks with a full range of colours to a huge variety of bottle shapes and sizes, without further tempering. This technique suits perfectly to decorate small customised lots and limited editions.
Perfume bottles decorated with metallisation spray
Metallisation spray
Cost-efficient alternative to metallising, which is using the spraying technique and results in a shiny metal surface.
Perfume bottles decorated with TIGITAL
This new decoration technique is the result of several months of collaboration between the company Tiger and Stoelzle Glass Group. This is an eco-friendly decorative transfer consisting of powder inks applicable with a hot stamping machine.
  • Eco-friendly decoration
  • Mechanical strength and print quality are superior to inkjet printing
  • Solvent free colours and CO2 reduction of 85%
  • Small series production possible
Perfume bottles decorated with quality glass coat
Quali Glass Coat 2.0
New original powder paint process in Perfumery & Cosmetics.
  • Eco-friendly decoration
  • Mechanical strength and print quality are superior to inkjet printing
  • Solvent free colours and CO2 reduction of 77%
  • 100% of the material is recovered
  • Small series production possible, large choice of colour and texture
Inner Laquering coat in black
Inner lacquering
Water-based inner spray elevating glass perfume bottles decoration
  • Redefining glass bottle aesthetics by focusing on the interior surface
  • Precise control over the bottle's shape, depth, and thickness
  • No fragrance transference, even with alcohol-containing products
  • Free from CMRs, SVHCs, and migrating pigments

Strengthen your brand!

Special visual or haptic effects will enhance the value of your product and make it unique. We offer a broad range of traditional and innovative decoration techniques.  Besides, we are constantly developing new processes and techniques that are even more efficient, better and more environmentally friendly.


More about our decoration techniques

  • Digital printing
  • Effect spraying
  • Hot foil stamping
  • Embossed lettering
  • Laser engraving
  • Recycled Ink
  • UV gluing/bonding
  • Quali Glass Coat 2.0
  • Printing around the corner
  • IPET treatment
  • Fragment retention
  • Frosting
  • Decals
  • Tampo print
  • Accessory Application

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Decoration at Stoelzle

  • Innovative decoration techniques
  • Steady investments in new developments
  • Environmentally friendly decoration techniques
  • Stunning results

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