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Qualified processes and products


Stoelzle Masnières Parfumerie works mainly with luxury companies, which require a very high level of quality. Therefore ensuring a constant high quality and being utmost flexible is paramount for us.

State of the art
Production and quality control systems

Highly specialized inspection systems guarantee a complete visual and mechanical quality control of all products.

Employee working on the inspection machines

Stoelzle quality management

The quality processes are under constant review. They are managed, constantly improved and monitored by the Quality Management Representatives under the leadership of the Group Quality Manager.

  • Quality control: Comprehensive quality control through state-of-the-art inspection machines.
  • Integrated quality management system: All sites are subject to the same quality management system.
  • Constant improvements: Our goal of zero defects in all our processes is based on the work of our conscious employees and numerous, continuous improvement measures.
Quality of Stoelzle is based on quality control, integrated quality management system and continious improvement

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