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INCC – AMG Perfume, The Thrill trilogy


AMG Parfums and INCC Parfums join forces with Stoelzle Masnières Parfumerie for their brand-new fragrance collection.

  • Stoelzle Masnières Parfumerie designed and decorated the perfumery bottles.
  • Launching in autumn 2023, The AMG THRlLL trilogy sets a new standard in fragrance innovation, embodying the boldness, excellence and power of the AMG brand.
  • These fragrances feature refillable bottles reflecting the brands’ commitment to eco-conscious luxury.

Drawing on their successful collaboration with Stoelzle for the Mercedes-Benz Parfums brand, INCC Parfums has entrusted the French glasswork division of the Austrian Stoelzle Group to produce the bottles for their first AMG Parfums collection.

Leading the lineup is THRILL, the inaugural fragrance designed to infuse the spirit of racing into the heart of the Mercedes-Benz universe. Crafted by Fabrice Pellegrin, principal perfumer at Firmenich, each scent – Silver Thrill, Black Thrill, and Red Thrill – captures a unique aspect of the AMG ethos, from cutting-edge technology to luxurious indulgence and passionate intensity.

In keeping with their eco-responsible ethos, INCC Parfums has placed its trust in Stoelzle Masnières Parfumerie to manufacture these bottles made of 11,6% PCR (recycled) glass, that are refillable thanks to the new SNI15 screw neck standard.

AMG The Thril decorated perfume bottles

Each full-size bottle (100ml) features a vibrant heart, protected by a captivating metallic shell - a signature emblem of the franchise, embodying the bold essence synonymous with the AMG brand. The design challenge lay in crafting glass fittings adaptable enough to accommodate the plates and their precise tolerances. The three bottles were lacquered in transparency, the Silver Thrill in orange, the Black Thrill in red and the Red Thrill in dark yellow.

The smaller 60ml bottles also feature the same lacquering technique, mirroring the colour codes of their larger counterparts. In this format, the brand logo and fragrance names are screen-printed directly onto the glass. Notably, these smaller bottles are presented without a shell, expanding the product range with a lighter, more portable option. Stoelzle successfully addressed the challenges posed by the bottles’ height and thinness, ensuring uniform glass distribution throughout.

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