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Special design

Lisa Eldridge foundation


Stoelzle proudly signs the first foundation of the English Make Up artist, Seamless Skin Foundation


Proud of this first collaboration with the talented Make Up Artist Lisa Eldridge*, the Stoelzle Masnières team has put all its know-how at the service of her creator to produce this magnificent, clean bottle with an elegant oblong shape. Its refined and luxurious decoration is the perfect signature of this internationally renowned artist.

It was a technical challenge to achieve the right proportions for this original shape. A very specific process was adapted to ensure the correct distribution of the premium glass chosen for this Seamless Skin Foundation range, which is available in 40 shades.

A very nice graphic effect for this bottle which can be presented on its base or lying down. Without the traditional bottom glass shape, more than 2 years of research and testing were necessary to create this innovative bottle, in close partnership with the Albéa (pump) and Augros (cap) teams. 

Launch and Retailing, november 2021: Lisa Eldridge retail store in the UK & her website (other countries coming 2022)

Capacity: 30 ml

*About Lisa Eldridge: After working in Paris, New York and Los Angeles she now lives in London. She is an internationally recognised artist in the fashion and beauty worlds through her collaborations with numerous designers, photographers, celebrities and over 70 prestigious brands. She was the first professional makeup artist to open her own website back in 2002 and created her own brand in 2018 and achieved immediate success for her capsule collection, the limited edition True Velvet lipstick. On her Youtube channel she shares her expertise with over 2 million subscribers.  Advertising revenue from her channel is donated to women's health and education charities every year.

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