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Les Parfums de Marly (LNC) – Oriana


Parfum de Marly uses glass from Hauts-de-France for both their men’s and women’s perfumes, from Stoelzle Masnières Parfumerie. 

  • Their latest female fragrance, Oriana, is presented to customers in the same shaped bottle for all their women’s perfumes, with a distinctive color.
  • Men’s products also come in the same shaped bottle, the only difference is the color. 

Described as ‘a cloud of joy’, Oriana’s delicate, airy fragrance is as delightful as a bright pink bouquet which is perfectly represented by its beautiful bottle.
Manufacturing the perfect bottle to best represent Oriana’s authentic fragrance was entrusted by Parfum de Marly to Stoelzle Masnières Perfumerie. Our challenge was to bring to life a unique design with very refined engraving. The style would need to maintain the same finesse with each bottle size, ensuring the smaller bottle didn’t lose any of the intricate detail.

Stoelzle are very grateful to Parfums de Marly for putting their faith in our company.

Thank you!

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