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Food & Beverages

The milk bottles are back

Different sizes of milk bottles manufactured by Stoelzle

Simple and traditional – but lighter than ever before: Milk bottles!

For a short time now, the practical milk bottles made of glass are back in our assortment. Especially when it comes to sustainability, appearance and taste, there is no question that glass is the best packaging for milk. However, these bottles are no longer restricted to the bottling of milk. They are also perfect for sauces, dressings, juices or smoothies.

Better, lighter, more environmentally friendly!

Visually, milk bottles have remained true to themselves, but in recent decades, they have developed considerably to meet the demands of performance, economy and ecology.

Glass bottles are completely recyclable and can be reused repeatedly in a closed cycle without loss of quality. In addition, the development of lightweight glass bottles has enabled us to further reduce the environmental impact (reduction of the raw materials used, reduction of CO2 emissions, etc.)

Safely closed and individually refined!

We at Stoelzle not only offer you the production of high quality glass containers but also the possibility of individual decoration. We are also happy to supply you with appropriate closure systems.

Discover our range of lightweight milk bottles and see for yourself how versatile they are.
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