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Qualified processes and products

Quality & Safety

Stoelzle guarantees perfect quality in the production of packaging glass. We encourage continuous improvement of operational processes to ensure the quality of our products in the future.

State of the art
Production and quality testing facilities

Highly specialized inspection systems guarantee a complete visual and mechanical quality control of all our products.

Modern inspection machine at the cold end section
Employee at the operation of the quality facilities

Backup, quality and flexibility

A centrally controlled production and quality assurance system offers a backup function that ensures maximum flexibility and security in production at multiple sites.

Quality control at the cold end

After the initial quality checks at the hot end, the glass containers are cooled down in a controlled manner and then subjected to even more extensive quality control. Modern camera systems take over the inspection of the bottom, the neck finish and the glass walls. In addition, each individual glass undergoes a final mechanical and optical inspection. In this way, we achieve 100% control of the products.

Glass jars on the conveyor at the entry of the turning machine
Top view of filled spice jars

Food safety

BRC Standard

Global standard for packaging

The safety and quality of our food is our top priority, which is why we comply with the global BRC standards for packaging. We are committed to meeting comprehensive safety with quality, operational and hygiene criteria to ensure that glass containers to be manufactured and delivered to the highest standards of hygiene to protect the quality of the packaged food.


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