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High pressure glass bottles

When making glass bottles that are to hold carbonated drinks, Stoelzle ensures the bottles to withstand the overpressure created during this process.

Premium look and feel

High pressure glass bottles containing a top quality beverage require a high calibre container. Not only does this tell customers they are buying a stellar product, it will also stand out in a competitive market.

Stoelzle high pressure glass bottles are 100% customisable.

Stoelzle is leading the way in sustainability. We ensure that our high-pressure glass bottles are made in an eco-friendly way, and can also be reused and recycled.

  • 100% inert
  • 100% tasteless
  • 100% recyclable
  • 100% natural


Our exclusive high pressure glass bottles are completely customisable. Our design team will expertly design and create a unique bottle, based on your individual expectations, that reflects your brand’s identity and resonates with your target audience. Our customised bottles are not only produced to be entirely suitable for the technical specifications, they will also enhance the look and feel of your sparkling water maker.

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High quality

Our expertise in the field of glass making is unparalleled, and we already partner with numerous customers who are leaders in the sparkling water maker industry. As well as tolerating the pressure used during the bubbling process, our bottles are also able to release the excess pressure effectively. This ensures the bottle remains stable and secure, even after the bubbling process is complete. Our production sites have the equipment and technologies in-house, to test the pressure tolerance of the bottles and make sure that your bottles withstand the processes involved during the water bubbling process.

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green glass cullet


At Stoelzle, we understand the importance of sustainability and reducing waste. That’s why our customised high pressure glass bottles are designed to be reusable and long-lasting. Glass bottles do not contain any harmful chemicals as they are solely produced from natural materials. This means that by choosing high pressure bottles made from glass, you can offer your customers a safer and healthier product option. Additionally, our high pressure glass bottles are 100% recyclable which means that even after the glass bottles are no longer being used, zero waste is produced. Partner with us and upgrade your sparkling water maker’s bottle to one that is both high-quality and sustainable.

Learn more about Sustainability at Stoelzle


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