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The best material

Glass for Food Storage

Glass is our passion and not without reason. The following seven criteria prove why glass is indisputably the best packaging material for food and beverages. See for yourself!

#1 Glass for our health

Glass is 100% natural and inert, which means that it acts like a barrier against external influences. Glass as a packaging material ensures people's health.

Sauces and juice stored in glass bottles
#2 Pure taste

No other packaging material protects the contents, maintains quality and keeps the content fresh and tasty, like glass. It is odourless and tasteless, ensuring your favourite product to be enjoyable untainted and pure.

Salad layered in a glass jar
#3 Security

Thanks to the natural composition of glass, it protects the contents as well as your health. In addition, we at Stoelzle adhere to the global packaging standard for food (BRC certification) and can therefore guarantee the highest product quality.

#4 Multiple application fields

The jam jar at the breakfast table, a cosmetic jar in the bathroom, a spirits bottle at the bar or a medicine bottle in the cupboard - glass packaging accompanies us through the day and is highly versatile.

Fruit pieces in mini glasses
#5 Perfectly shaped and beautiful

Glass packaging has a long tradition, always retaining its shape and convincing in its simplicity. With its shiny appearance, glass is a representative of high-quality products.

Variety of filled glass jars and plants smbolic for the sustainable advantage of glass
#6 Glass remains glass

Glass is made from 100% natural ingredients. In addition, it can be recycled repeatedly and processed into new glass containers without loss of quality.

#7 Everybody loves glass

Glass meets the global interest of sustainability, safety and health. It is highly valued and recommended as the preferred packaging material.

Selection of glass jars filled with some deliciuos food products

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