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Crafting Sustainable Luxury with Glassy Sparkling Water Maker


My Soda Glassy Sparkling Water Maker

Mysoda, a Finnish brand renowned for its design and sustainability-focused sparkling water makers, have revolutionised the way people enjoy carbonated beverages at home. With a commitment to the environment and a vision to inspire a more sustainable future, Mysoda has become a pioneer in the industry. The Mysoda Glassy sparkling water maker, is one of their most remarkable creations, and is testament to their dedication to aesthetics and environmental responsibility. Working with Stoelzle, Mysoda has created a unique and exquisite glass carafe that enhances the entire sparkling water experience.

A Sustainable Vision

Mysoda's journey began in 2011 with a clear purpose - to provide a plastic-free and sustainable alternative to carbonated drinks. With an understanding of the detrimental impact of plastic on the environment, Mysoda set out to transform the water business by making home carbonation both attractive and effortless. By empowering individuals to create the freshest sparkling water in their own kitchens, Mysoda's vision was to significantly reduce reliance on bottled water and promote a more environmentally conscious lifestyle.

Uniquely exquisite

At the heart of Mysoda's product range is the Glassy sparkling water maker, a stunning indication of the company's commitment to innovation and sustainable design. The machine's unique wood composite construction is an eco-friendly alternative to fossil-based plastic, which sets it apart from conventional sparkling water machines. Its elegant matte finish and high quality materials make it an exquisite centrepiece for any kitchen. Complementing this exceptional machine is the Glassy's glass carafe, meticulously designed to Mysoda's exacting standards of aesthetics and functionality. The glass carafe not only enhances the overall visual appeal but also ensures the purity and safety of the sparkling water.

Crafting Excellence with Stoelzle

Working with Stoelzle, a renowned European glass manufacturer, was an easy choice for Mysoda. Stoelzle's rich history of creating exceptional glass products and the commitment to sustainability made the company an ideal partner for this venture. Working closely with Mysoda's design agency, Stoelzle brought the glass carafe to life, leveraging their expertise in glass shaping and production. Together, they perfected the usability and exceptional quality of the glass carafe, ensuring it seamlessly integrated with the Glassy sparkling water maker.

The Packaging Paragon

For Mysoda, the glass carafe is not merely a packaging material; it is an everyday companion that embodies the brand's values of sustainability and premium aesthetics. Opting for glass as the material was a conscious decision for Mysoda. The use of glass offers several advantages, including the ability to showcase a unique and beautiful design that enhances the overall dining experience. Moreover, glass exudes a sense of luxury and can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher, making it the perfect choice for those who value convenience without compromising on style.

Stoelzle: The Partner of Choice

Mysoda's decision to work with Stoelzle was driven by several key factors.

  • As a European-based company, Stoelzle's production facilities offered the advantage of proximity, ensuring efficient collaboration and streamlined logistics.

  • In addition, Stoelzle's extensive experience in glass manufacturing and reputation for delivering high quality products gave Mysoda confidence in the company’s capabilities.

The collaboration between Mysoda and Stoelzle resulted in the successful development of a unique glass shape that perfectly complemented the design and functionality of the Glassy sparkling water maker.


Mysoda's partnership with Stoelzle exemplifies the perfect blend of sustainability, craftsmanship, and luxury. With the introduction of the Glassy sparkling water maker and its exquisite glass carafe, Mysoda has redefined the way people enjoy carbonated beverages at home. Together, these two companies have demonstrated a commitment to environmental responsibility and a passion for creating exceptional products.

Mysoda's success story is an inspiration, encouraging people to embrace sustainability and embark on a journey of refreshing, locally sourced sparkling water directly from their own kitchens.

Visit the Mysoda website to find out more about the company and their vision.

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