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Holmegaard Christmas: A timeless tradition

Holmegaard Christmas

Table with Holmegaard Christmas products

Holmegaard is part of the creative family of the Rosendahl Design Group. Rosendahl embodies a passion for preserving and developing Danish design icons. At its core, the company is dedicated to creating not just products, but stories that resonate with the essence of Danish design culture. With roots dating back to 1825, Holmegaard is more than a brand; it's a living testament to the artistry and timeless appeal that defines the company’s collective design heritage. The collaboration between Stoelzle Glass Group and Holmegaard is not just a partnership; it's a harmonious blend of creativity and expertise, ensuring that every Holmegaard creation continues to resonate with beauty and charm.

Company history – founded by a woman ahead of her time

The story begins with Countess Henriette Danneskiold-Samsøe, an extraordinary woman born into a noble family in Copenhagen. Widowed with six children after her husband's untimely death, Henriette courageously pursued her late husband's dream of establishing a glassworks in the Holmegaard marshes. In 1825, against all odds, she founded Holmegaard Glasværk, not only as a glass factory, but also as an artistic and aesthetic centre that still exists today.

A pioneer in her own right, Henriette became one of Denmark's first female entrepreneurs. In the company of such luminaries as Hans Christian Andersen, she demonstrated not only fine craftsmanship but also social responsibility and unwavering determination. The glassworks flourished, initially producing green bottles before expanding into clear drinking glasses with the expertise of Bohemian glassmakers.

Over the years, the Holmegaard story has evolved from a small glass workshop to a modern design group. In 1906, Svend Hammershøi created the iconic series of wine glasses, marking the beginning of collaborations with various artists. Jacob E. Bang, Holmegaard's first designer in 1928, and Per Lütken from the 1940s, contributed to over 3,000 glass designs and shaped the brand's artistic identity.

Company characteristics – Craftmanship and Danish design

Today, Holmegaard continues its legacy with a commitment to modern glass design that combines function and decoration. Working with top glass designers, the brand explores technology, form and materials, resulting in timeless designs that are suitable for everyday use as well as festive and special occasions.

Holmegaard is built around several values and characteristics. Together they form the basis of the brand, design and product development. Holmegaard is constantly evolving, but in its almost 200 years of existence, the brand has remained true to the core of what Holmegaard stands for, such as glass craftsmanship and original Danish design. This has enabled the company to create designs that find a place in Danish homes every day.

Holmegaard Christmas: A timeless tradition

One of Holmegaard's design hallmarks, the Christmas range captures the magic of the season. Introduced in 1981, Jette Frölich's papercut designs have become a treasured collector's item, embodying the essence of caring, generosity and meticulous preparation that defines Christmas. Four decades later, Holmegaard's Christmas collection has become a treasured collector's item for many Christmas fans. This is largely due to Jette Frölich's mastery of translating the key messages of Christmas - caring, generosity and meticulous preparation - into simple motifs full of Christmas spirit. She masterfully illustrates the instantly recognisable feelings that bring a touch of warmth to our homes every holiday season.

Portrait picture of the designer Jette Fröhlich

Childhood memories and the joy of anticipation are almost the essence of Christmas. Add to this the many cosy family traditions and the joy of bringing the year to a close and celebrating with the people we love most. It is this joy and excitement that inspires Jette Frölich to capture the Nordic Christmas - and all that makes it unique - in her distinctive, elegant lines. Each year Holmegaard Christmas releases a new Christmas design and for many the range has become an integral part of the festive season - both as a gift for the host or hostess and as a cosy addition to the Christmas decorations.

Collaboration with Stoelzle Glass Group

Once again, Stoelzle Glass Group has manufactured two products from the 2023 Christmas range — the versatile bottle and the biscuit jar. Stoelzle’s dedication to precision and quality reflects the essence of Holmegaard's commitment to excellence.

For the remaining items in the Holmegaard Christmas 2023 collection, Stoelzle brings the brilliant vision of renowned designer Jette Fröhlich to life by decorating the glassware making sure to seamlessly embody the festive spirit and creative brilliance of Jette Fröhlich.

We find great value in our partnership with Stoelzle, as their unwavering commitment to delivering high-quality products, dedication to innovative design, and reliability in customer service resonate deeply with our own values.


The collaboration between Stoelzle Glass Group and Holmegaard is not just a partnership; it's a harmonious blend of creativity and expertise, ensuring that every Holmegaard creation continues to resonate with beauty and charm.

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