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Revolutionising Refreshment: Komvida and Stoelzle Unite for Excellence

Komvida Kombucha

Komvida Kombucha Bottle

Komvida was founded in 2017 in Fregenal de Sierra, the heart of southern Extremadura in Spain, as a beverage brand that produces the natural yet trendy beverage kombucha.

Nuria and Bea, the passionate minds behind Komvida, set out on a mission to revolutionise refreshment and promote wellness through beverages. Using only the highest quality ingredients and traditional fermentation techniques, Komvida has since become synonymous with quality and vitality, establishing itself as an industry leader in Spain.

The company's mission is to promote a healthy and sustainable lifestyle by offering products that are good for your health and body, such as kombucha, all while promoting rural employment for women in Spain and supporting the production of local products.

Unique product features

Komvida Kombucha is renowned for its many refreshing and perfectly balanced flavours, as well as its numerous health benefits. Using only the finest organic ingredients and a carefully controlled fermentation process, Komvida ensures maximum freshness and quality in every bottle that is being sold.

Elevating Sustainability with glass packaging

Recognising the importance of packaging in reflecting its values, Komvida turned to glass as its primary packaging material of choice. Glass not only preserves the flavour and freshness of their kombucha, but also fits seamlessly with the company's commitment to sustainability, as glass packaging is infinitely recyclable without any loss of quality and therefore has a lower environmental impact.

Packaging and cooperation with Stoelzle

In partnership with Stoelzle Glass Group, Komvida developed two distinct glass bottle shapes – a 250 ml and a 750 ml bottle – each meticulously crafted to enhance the consumer experience and reflect the brand's identity.

We chose to work with Stoelzle on this project because of the company’s reputation as a leader in the glass packaging industry and their commitment to quality and innovation. We have had an exceptional experience working with them, from the concept and design of our bespoke packaging solution to the glass production and the delivery of the finished product. We particularly appreciate the company’s attention to detail and their focus on customer satisfaction.


Komvida would recommend Stoelzle to other food or beverage companies looking for packaging solutions because of their commitment to quality, innovation, and customer service:

We value their expertise in the glass industry and their ability to meet our high standards. Working with Stoelzle Glass Group has been an integral part of our success as a brand. We appreciate Stoelzle's excellent service and personal attention and look forward to working with them for many years to come.


Visit the Komvida Website to find out more about the company and their vision.

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