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Stuzzi and Stoelzle Collaborate on Premium Hot Sauce Packaging

Stuzzi Hot Sauce

Stuzzi hot sauce on table setting

Stuzzi Hot Sauce has partnered with Stoelzle Glass Group to create unique packaging for its hot sauce. Stuzzi represents a realm of culinary exploration without boundaries. More than just a condiment, it embodies a gateway to authentic flavour journeys. With a wealth of experience in hospitality, the founders - Carla and Richard Betts, winemakers and tequila artisans (known for "An Approach to Relaxation" and "Tequila Komos"), along with chefs Ethel Hoon and Jakob Zeller - recognise food's ability to bring joy and nourishment. Committed to spreading happiness and ensuring culinary satisfaction, Stuzzi celebrates food as a universal language that speaks to the soul. The sauce was launched in the US in April 2024, with plans to expand to other markets soon.

Stuzzi is committed to quality and authenticity, honouring its chosen ingredients by preserving their natural essence. Surrounded by such refinement, every moment is enriched and life is enhanced with every savoury indulgence. The brand is dedicated to fostering an inclusive, approachable, and accessible experience for all. Fearless in its pursuit of innovation, Stuzzi continues to push boundaries and explore new flavours. But it's more than just a flavour; it's a lifestyle - tailored for those with refined tastes and an adventurous spirit, who are passionate about creating beauty and sharing it with the world.

We take our craft seriously, but not ourselves. We believe in laughter, in joy, and in savouring every moment. Ultimately, it's not just about the food—it's about the experiences we create and the memories we share.

Carla Rza Betts, Co-founder

Product Origin and Ingredients

Stuzzi is hot sauce in its most perfect form, a rare blend of earthy, savoury, dried peppers and bright, fresh peppers, all grown in Italy. This harmonious fusion achieves a delicate balance of complexity and sophistication, enhancing the essence of any dish it accompanies, across all culinary genres.

The name “Stuzzi” comes from the Italian word stuzzicare [stutːsi'kare], meaning 'to stimulate, to excite, to tease'. Just like great Italian cuisine, we've carefully selected the finest trio of ingredients: Chilies, Vinegar, Salt. Free from preservatives, artificial colours and sweeteners, Stuzzi is a hot sauce that truly delights. Made in Italy to enhance the food you love, Stuzzi is good food.

Embracing Brand Values through Glass Packaging

Just like cooking a dish or making fine wine, Stuzzi understands that the quality of the final product is only as good as the ingredients used. Stuzzi’s commitment to excellence extends to its choice of packaging, which is why glass was the obvious choice for Stuzzi Hot Sauce.

Product Development with Stoelzle

Stuzzi appreciated the structure and adherence to the launch schedule during the glass development process with Stoelzle.

We appreciated the professionalism, diligence and attention to detail that Stoelzle's development team demonstrated in bringing our vision for a bespoke Stuzzi bottle to life.

Ethel Hoon, Co-founder

Stuzzi appreciates Stoelzle's commitment to quality, craftsmanship and sustainability, as well as the transparent and professional communication throughout the collaboration, from concept to finished product.

Enhancing Product Aesthetics with Decoration by Stoelzle

A key aspect of Stuzzi's brand identity is its distinctive neon orange colour scheme. Achieving colour consistency across different materials is a challenge.

Stoelzle did a great job of matching the colour of the screen print on the glass bottle with our tin capsule and cardboard box.

Jakob Zeller, co-founder & chef

Visit Stuzzi's Website to find out more.

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