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Infinity jars


The classics among glass jars.

In German-speaking countries there is a special term for this type of glass jar – they call it “Sturzgläser” (tumblers). The name is derived from its use - when a glass is turned upside down, the contents can be tumbled out of the glass in its entirety. We call this range infinity jars, because of the infinite number of applications and the infinite recyclability of glass.

Our infinity jars come in many different sizes – always have the following common characteristics:

  1. Large opening – the large opening allows the contents to be tumbled, but also with a spoon it is easy to take out the contents.
  2. Ring – directly under the neck finish there is a ring, which is also the widest part of the glass. It increases safety by preventing the closures from rubbing against each other, thus reducing vacuum.
  3. Straight or slightly conical shape – a must for infinity jars, because only this allows the entire contents to be tumbled out of the jar by turning it upside down.

Infinity jars from Stoelzle

We offer a wide range of infinity jars from 65 ml to 545 ml. These jars are universally applicable and are ideal as jam jars, preserving jars, honey jars, dessert jars or yogurt jars. All infinity jars have a twist off neck finish as standard, a few are also available with a deep twist off.

Take a look at our assortment yourself and inquire directly online or download the flyer!

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