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Glass Jars

True all-rounder of glass packaging

As a premium glass producer, Stoelzle offers glass jars in many sizes, shapes and with suitable caps and closures. Especially in the food industry, glass jars are a favoured way of packaging. Indeed, it is hard to imagine buying pickles or strawberry jam without the securely sealed glass container. The jars are also known as wide mouth jars or simply called jam jars or honey jars, the shared feature being the screw cap. What is more, glass is the ideal material for packaging food items: Stored in a glass jar, the filling content is unable to interact with the packaging material or the outside world. As a result, the quality of our valuable food is preserved in the long term.


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Advantages of glass as a primary packaging material

Food items are often stored in glass since the material has many positive properties. The material is inert, natural and sustainable. The stored item, hence, will not interact with its packaging nor with the environment. Therefore, the item is preserved and has longer durability. As a premium glass packaging manufacturer, it is Stoelzle’s first priority to guarantee those food items are packaged safely. That is why our products are produced according to international quality standards like the BCR Certificate, considering the requirements of the respective industry.

Glass jars in various shapes

Stoelzle offers glass jars in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Besides round glass jars, polygon jars and hexagon jars are highly popular within food retail. Moreover, special shape jars are available, for instance, jars in honeycomb or tulip shapes. Often used for samples, mini jars are an equally popular glass jar variant.

In order to store every food item in a suitable container, the product range of Stoelzle comprises glass jars in sizes from 10 to 1000 ml in multiple thread types.

Innovative decoration techniques by Stoelzle

The glass packaging available at Stoelzle can be decorated in various ways. Our experts develop customised products according to client wishes and as a result, create unique designs in order to meet any and all requirements. Additional services, such as caps and closures, as well as the latest decoration technologies make Stoelzle a one-stop solution for glass packaging.

Glass jars and their most common areas of use

Due to the above-mentioned advantages of glass as a packaging material, it is not surprising that glass jars are commonly used for packaging products in the food and beverage industry. Filling items customarily stored in glass jars are:

Besides food items, glass jars are also utilised to store cosmetics (cosmetic jars), drugs (ointment jars) and nutraceuticals. Moreover, in the cosmeceutical market, glass jars are often applied as primary packaging.

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