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BVLGARI, Man – Rain essence


The BVLGARI MAN collection is expanding with the arrival of the Rain essence fragrance in spring 2023.

  • BVLGARI MAN writes a magnificent tale of compelling and masculine fragrances harnessing the endless power of the natural elements.
  • BVLGARI MAN Rain Essence is an invitation to experience the unstoppable creative force of Water through the transformative and regenerative power of rain.

The BVLGARI MAN Collection takes its inspiration from the miracles created by nature. Fire, Air, Wood and Earth have already been released and represent the deep connections between man and the natural world. Now, BULGARI MAN are introducing Rain, a masculine fragrance that explores the regenerative energy of water.

BVLGARI MAN Rain Essence fragrance was created by the Master Perfumer Alberto MorillasIts scent is fresh, and incorporates woody, musky undertones that are complemented with an effervescent zest. This eloquent fragrance captures the association of purity and transparency experienced by the phenomenon of ‘rain’.   

BVLGARI chose Stoelzle Masnières Parfumerie to illustrate this uplifting fragrance with packaging of a contemporary style. The bottle itself is generous in size, and Stoelzle augmented the rectangular shape with curved contouring which accentuates the features created through the IPET surface treatment, a coating which enhances the brilliance of the glass.
The bottle contains 11.6% PCR glass and, whilst finding the right colour to use for the screen-printed decoration seemed to be challenging, Stoelzle’s talented team found the perfect, subtle blue tone. 

Like Mother Nature’s natural wonder, Rain Essence by BULGARI MAN is a creative force that awakens the senses. These qualities have been superbly encapsulated within the bottle created by Stoelzle ; showing off the interaction between movement and simplicity, combined with freshness and strength.

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