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Spice jars

Luis Penalva

Filled spice jars from customer Penalva

We have been supplying Luis Penalva with spice jars for years and really appreciate the excellent cooperation.

Luis Penalva's aim was to be supplied by a leader in the glass market – at that point our paths crossed.

Luis Penalva started his business in 1909 and is today one of the best-known brands in Alicante (Spain), specialising in the production of spices. With more than 100 years of experience in the spice market, the company offers their customers only products of the highest quality and safety. Over the years, new brands have developed – for two of them is Stoelzle the preferred supplier of the glass jar.

Most of their delicious spices are packed in glass jars, due to many positive characteristics. Glass is transparent, which makes the product itself visible and gives it a very clean and bright look. In addition, glass is 100% inert –there are no migration hazards with the packaging material, the natural taste is kept. Last but not least, the proper storage conditions were also decisive for the choice of glass as packaging.

We at Stoelzle, strive to be always in personal contact with our customers. We use the opportunity to get in touch with our customers at trade fairs, but even more important is a professional exchange in everyday life. Therefore, we are pleased that this is also very much appreciated by our customers.

We like the great fluency of communication and the professionalism of the employees. Stoelzle staff has always been very efficient and at our disposal for solving any question asked.

David Torregrosa, Export Manager – Luis Penalva S.L.

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