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Sweet delicacies


5 mini jam jars with different flavours

Stoelzle and Darbo have a long-term business relationship. We had the pleasure of being part of the development of the mini jars at Darbo years ago and were thus able to further expand our own portfolio of mini jars.

Darbo is an Austrian company, known for their delicacies made from fruits and honey. With more than 140 years of experience in processing fruit, Darbo is now the market leader in the Austrian jam and honey market. With customers in the gastronomy and processing industries, Darbo delivers their products across borders all over the world.

In production, the company relies on natural raw materials of high quality, which naturally require high-quality packaging. Pretty soon it was clear that glass would best emphasize the benefits of the products. Years ago, we worked with Darbo to develop a 25 ml mini jar, which can now be found on many breakfast tables around the world.

For premium products such as our 28g jams, we also wanted premium packaging, ideally made of glass, as it can be melted down and recycled as often as we like. Stoelzle provided us with beautifully designed and practical packaging here, and we're proud of our decades of excellent cooperation.

Robert T., Purchasing Manager

Stoelzle and Darbo also have a common connection due to their location in Austria. By producing the mini-jars in Austria, we can keep delivery distances as short as possible – this protects the environment and allows us to act even more flexibly. We are proud to have won Darbo as a customer, appreciate the excellent cooperation and look forward to many more exciting years.

Stoelzle has proven to be a reliable partner for many years, and has also played a major role in the development of our mini-jars, which have become an indispensable part of breakfast buffets and baker's breakfasts. Darbo mini jars can be found all over the world - from Las Vegas to Hong Kong.

Martin D., CEO

Interview with Klaus Darbo - Head of Marketing at Darbo AG

The unmistakable taste of Darbo

Stoelzle Glass Group is proud of the long-standing partnership with Darbo, a family-run company based in Austria. Darbo embodies a passion for processing fruit into exquisite products such as jams and syrups since its foundation. Over the past 140 years, the company has grown into an amazing success story in which experience and expertise have been handed down and perfected without interruption from one generation to the next. We are happy to share our recent interview with the Head of Marketing at Darbo, Mag. Klaus Darbo.

Darbo Jam on Table Darbo Jam on Table
From early childhood, every Austrian is familiar with Darbo. And Darbo is equally known well beyond Austria's borders. What sets your company apart from other jam and fruit product manufacturers?

At Darbo, quality and tradition are paramount. The combination of decades of experience and the taste of the very best fruit and fine honey result in the unmistakable taste of Darbo. The recipes have been perfected from generation to generation. At the same time, we must always pay attention to developments in the market and embrace new trends. Our sugar-reduced fruit spreads deserve special mention here. The whole range has proved to be very well-received by our customers.

How do you deal with innovation and change at Darbo? Where do you like to take a risk and where do you prefer to rely on the tried and tested?

We cannot and do not hide from trends. We have to be innovative to meet the changing needs of consumers. In doing so, we often have to invest resources and take a certain risk. But that is part of our job at Darbo.

From your point of view, what role does the packaging of your products play? Why do you use glass as packaging for many of your Darbo products?

The packaging of our products is a highly relevant factor. After all, the customer can judge the packaging of a product prior to the purchase. In terms of taste, on the other hand, we can only convince the buyer after the purchase and thus turn our occasional customers into regular customers. Moreover, glass is relatively heavy, heavier than other packaging materials such as plastic. This gives glass a high-quality impression. At the same time, glass is fully transparent. Our colourful products are most visible to customers through transparent glass packaging. This can never be replaced by a photo placed on plastic packaging. That's why we choose glass as the preferred packaging material, especially for retail products.

Why do you think the cooperation between Darbo and Stoelzle has worked so well for years? What do you particularly appreciate about the cooperation?

Stoelzle has proven to be a reliable partner for many years and has played a major role in the development of the mini-jars, which have become an indispensable part of breakfast buffets all over the world - from Las Vegas to Hong Kong.

We appreciate that Stoelzle is very service-oriented and flexible in its actions and reactions, which makes the cooperation very pleasant for us as customers.

We also appreciate that we can source the packaging for our products from Austria and thus remain true to our values such as regionality, quality and can keep delivery distances short.

What can your customers look forward to in the future? Are there plans for further product innovations at Darbo?

At the moment we cannot reveal anything and we don't want to anticipate too much here - but you can assume that there will be great news from Darbo in the near future.

As part of the Darbo family, Darbo products must have been a kitchen staple for you since your childhood. What is the product you still can't resist after all these years?

I love the variety that our product range offers. However, at the moment, the classics like apricot jam and elderflower syrup are my Go-To's.

Thank you!

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