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On our way to Circular Economy

Why do we do that?

The worldwide consumption of resources is increasing due to population growth. In order to meet this demand and to take the issue of limited resources into account, innovative approaches such as Circular Economy are required. At Stoelzle, we support the new EU Resource Efficiency Roadmap and provide products made from permanent material for a true Circular Economy, which is recognized as a key driver in the elimination of waste.

What we are already doing

We consider the economical use of resources already when designing and developing a product (including transport packaging) so that as little raw material and packaging material as possible is consumed and as many material cycles as possible can be closed. We also are aware of our energy intensive production and strive in all processes and technologies to balance this impact with constant investment and improvements.

Our glass is …

100% inert

100% tasteless

100% recyclable

100% natural

Endless Recycling

From an environmental point of view, a maximum share of recycling material is highly favourable, saving energy, CO2 and pristine raw materials. For the production of amber glass we can use up to 60% and for green glass even up to 80% of post-consumer recycled glass and internal cullet. For post-consumer recycled glass, the quality of the collected glass and its preparation is decisive.

CO2-Emissions along our Value Chain

Development in Resource Efficiency

In addition to the circular economy approach, using recycled materials within glass production helps to save energy.

Development in Waste Management

2019 Cullet Increase =

  • Savings of energy consumption
  • Savings of CO2 emissions
  • Saving of raw material

Green Energy Production

Waste heat utilization and the recently installed solar power installation on the roofs of our Austrian plant are delivering good results with the yearly output 2019 of 22,000 MWh to be of green energy. This green energy is supplied to local electricity and local district heating grid and replaces energy with a negative carbon footprint.

Heavy Metal-Free Colours

Already for several years Stoelzle has been using in decoration only heavy metal-free colours, which contain absolutely no heavy metals such as cadmium, lead or others. The Stoelzle Glass Group is strictly refusing to use such products with respect to a better quality of recycling glass.

Energy Efficiency in MWh per Ton of Melted Glass

“We keep on improving our environmental credentials and reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions by continually investing in the most efficient equipment”

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