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Reliable Logistics
Worldwide network of logistics partners

Stoelzle Group Logistics Team is clearly dedicated to manage and meet growing requirements in both our internal warehouse transfers and shipments to external customers in a more and more challenging environment.

The whole team of logistics professionals is always keen on offering their best service: starting from FLT drivers who are working 24 hours a day in our warehouses, up to the administration team and managers who are coordinating a broad range and huge volume of various logistic requests.

Stoelzle takes advantage of a worldwide network of utmost reliable and highly qualified logistics partners. Based on our company vision we focus on long term cooperation with logistic providers who are keen on growing their business together with Stoelzle.

Excellent communication, direct human relations, environmental aspects, available capacity, service quality and flexibility, are as important as cost efficiency.

Logistic services

In order to offer transport service or participate in transport auctions/tenders organized by Stoelzle Glass Group, kindly proceed to register on our Transport Portal.

For proposals of other logistics services (storage, handling, equipment, solutions, etc.) please contact our logistics team.

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