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Bavarian JOSEF Gin Relies On Stölzle Spirit Bottles

Bavarian JOSEF Gin relies on Stölzle Spirit bottles

For many generations the Bavarian Distiller Lantenhammer has been producing in its traditional manufacturing site near Schliersee a variety of great products. All of its high quality spirits have been characterized by an unlimited commitment and infinite creativity of the whole team. The enthusiasm of the Spirits experts in evolving extraordinary products led to the creation of JOSEF Gin, which was launched in 2018. The name traces to the founder of the distillery, Josef Lantenhammer who in 1928 produced a spirit from Juniper for his comrades in the regional mining industry. This kind of spirit was highly appreciated due to its ethereal effects. Two generations after, birth was given to four stunning Gin varieties which have been inspired by the founder’s recipe. For sure the former comrades would have loved all of them.
Those four Gin specialties have been bottled in a modern, fancy Spirit bottle made by Stölzle. The fancy “Columbus” bottle was chosen, as part of the Stölzle standard range which is available upon short notice.
More information about the Stölzle Standards can be found on our website:

Source: STO Marketing

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